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Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas

Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas

Whether you’re flirting with the idea of becoming a Punk or you are preparing for a costume party, the best idea to create a Punk makeup is indeed to know the basic steps. It’s not a secret that this trend often uses vivid colors and non-conformist patterns to create an eye-popping effect. However, it seems that there are several ideas that can be embedded also in your casual look.

Usually the role of beauty products are to improve your image, the miraculous effect also lies in their power to emphasize your best features and mask the less appealing ones. There’s no need to get hold of brand new makeup items for this particular style, instead use the ones that you already have in a more creative and stylish way. Through the following ideas you’ll be able to create the perfect Punk makeup.

Start with the base in order to camouflage all the discoloration or uneven patches on your face. This is the first step towards a spotless makeup. Use concealer for a more profound coverage and then a foundation preferably matte to create a uniform color to your face. Choose one that best fits your skin type and tone. If your complexion is prone to become greasy, finish the makeup base with a translucent and lightweight powder which will guarantee the long-lasting effect.

Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas

Continue with the eyes, these are the beat spots to jazz up your look. Punk makeup is far from being decent, instead, using vivid colors and different patterns is more common to create the proper atmosphere for the whole look. Black is the must have accessory from the color palette. Smokey eyes will prove to be ideal since the use of black eye shadow will emphasize the natural eye color be it brown, green or blue.

However, there’s no rule for sticking only to the smoky eye effect. You have free hand at experimenting with neon as well as with more bizarre colors. The only condition to avoid looking like a clown is to perk up the eyes and keep the other parts neutral. Don’t forget about the eyeliner, rim your eyes with it for a breath-taking glimpse. Both black and colored liners work fabulously.

Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas Punk Inspired Makeup Ideas

When it comes to the hue of the lips you have an endless range of options. Try out both dark tones from blood red to plum, wine, or swap them for a more futuristic neon-hued lipstick, pink and all the candy shades work amazingly. Find the one that best represents your style and mood. Keep in mind the Punk style branch you desire to follow from the Romantic Punk to the Emo or Goth punk look.

There are other additional elements that can be embedded into your makeup ritual. Punks, especially those who go for the cyber-style, often adopt the use of rhinestones and loads of glitters and also false eyelashes. These apparently minuscule but spectacular tools offer a memorable effect to your look. Test the wide range of makeup accessories to steal the show with your authentic and uber-creative Punk makeup.

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