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Quick Daytime Makeup

Quick Daytime Makeup

During the day, your makeup should be light and simple, making you look young and fresh by enhancing your natural features. Before applying make-up always clean your face with products that work for you and apply moisturizer – this will be a great base for the makeup and it will last much longer.

Use concealer and foundation only if you need to hide blemishes, spots and dark circles.

Apply foundation just where you need so it still looks natural.

Set the foundation with a loose powder, after tapping the excess off the brush. Use light toned blushes only. You can even apply the blush under your foundation to get a more natural look.

Quick Daytime Makeup

For the eyes chose natural, soft tones like soft peach, light pink light bronze and browns.

Try to use a pencil eyeliner with a softer color instead of a liquid eyeliner just because pencil eyeliners give a softer look.

Finish eye makeup with two coats of mascara – brown if you’re blonde or a redhead and black for brunettes.

Use light colored lip gloss or lip shimmer instead of lipstick and avoid wearing dark lip liners.

Your lip liner should match your lip gloss or your lips’ natural flesh hue.

They should only give a slightly contour to your lips without becoming too obvious.

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