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Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

If you decided to go short, you’ll find these hairstyles pretty impressing. Match these cuts and designs with your face shape to have a breath-taking look.

Black hair has a special texture, that’s why it might seem that certain hairstyles and lengths won’t match it. Contrary to the mass beliefs, short hair will perfectly complete their look whether they decide to maintain their natural hair texture or opt for a straightening. Ranging from the extra-mini buzz cut to the bob style, they’ll find the hairdo that will best flash their personality.

Celebrities will offer dazzling examples on how short crops can be worn with great style and confidence. More, they are the living proof for the fact that mini tresses are just as feminine as cascading locks.

The key to succees lies indeed in choosing the best style and shaping it with refined taste. Here are the most popular and flattering short hairstyles for black women.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are not really taboo hairstyles in the case of women of color. Due to the special , stronger and denser texture of the hair, they seem to pull off this hairdo with sophisticated skills. Indeed, celebrities were also mesmerized by the beauty of exposing the facial features and decided to go short, I mean very short.

Recently, Solange Knowles was one of the divas who opted for a buzz cut flashing her feminine features just as fabulously as her co-singers who sport cascading tresses. This hairdo has endless benefits being an ultra-low-maintenance style it won’t require any fuss when shaping.

Those who have the confidence to wear a similar style should steal the tricks of these celebrities when choosing the right outfits to complement their short crops.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Pixie Cut

Pixies are favorite hairstyles of those who would like to sport short crops. Indeed, it not only flashes the beautiful facial features, but also adds volume to the hair.

Women with coarse and thick hair can opt for this hairdo similarly to those who have thin and extremely fine hair. Use only a small amount of gel or wax to emphasize the flipping tips and the asymmetrical layers.

Black women often opt for voguish pixies since it offers them the chance to keep in shape and neat their tresses without devoting extra-time to their maintenance. Make sure to protect the color and quality of your hair since short crops reflect the best the health of the hair.

Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Razor Cut Hairstyles with Long Bangs

Razor cut hairstyles either curly or super-sleek are top hairstyles of the season. African American hair, though unique in texture, will have the same dazzling appearance when styled this way.

The key to pull off a fab look is to choose the perfect and most flattering length. Tiny corkscrews tend to become way shorter when trimmed, that’s why it is advisable to predict the ideal length beforehand and then go for the cut.

Black hair, especially when straightened, will have volume and natural glow. Razor cut hairstyles are characterized by the fine lines and refined angles that can be best flashed on sleek strands.

However, there’s no need to keep away from this styling option when it comes to curly hair. More, the long bangs will further polish the look adding a sensual and sophisticated allure to the hairdo. The only condition to shine with a new cut is to match it with the face shape of the proud owner.

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