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Short Wedge Haircuts

Short Wedge Haircuts

An interesting combination between bowl haircuts and layered hairstyles as well as being closely related with bob hairstyles, wedge hairstyles combine a lot of different interesting elements that make it suitable for a lot of different hair textures and personalities. While this hairstyle was first introduced in the 70s, throughout time wedge hairstyles have evolved greatly as several variations were made to hair cutting techniques.

Although this haircut resembles bob hairstyles in many ways, one of the main things that distinguishes this haircut from bob hairstyles is that it tends to be more angled. Wedge haircuts are highly versatile and suitable for most hair textures. This type of haircut works best for straight hair and it is generally not recommended to those that are prone hair fizz. This haircut is also most suitable for a thick hair texture.

Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts

Those who have naturally wavy hair can also try wedge haircuts, however, they should keep in mind the fact that they will need to dedicate more time to styling on a daily basis if they choose this hairstyle. Still, the advantages of this type of hairstyle are multiple: it adds dimension and it can provide a subtle facial lifting adding movement to the hair with the help of layers. Before choosing a wedge haircut one should keep in mind the fact that this hairstyle is by no means a low maintenance one, so you must be prepared to dedicate a certain amount of time on a daily basis in order to look your best.

A blow drier, a paddle brush and a flat iron will probably be necessary to create an alluring hairstyle. Creating volume and defining the layers should be one of the top concerns of this type of hairstyle. Hair gel applied on damp hair will create structure.

Depending on your hair texture you might also need a ceramic flat iron to be able to get the desired look. These rituals should be part of a daily routine because in the absence of these rituals your hairstyle might look a little unkempt. Variations of this style can be made for both medium and short hairstyles. For example diagonal and asymmetrical wedges create a more modern look compared to the classical version, so it is advisable to browse through a variety of hairstyles before deciding on the final look you wish to adopt.

Since wedge haircuts for short hair offer a clean, polished look when styled correctly, it can easily be considered a hairstyle that offers a professional image, being a perfect choice for those who have to conform to certain professional standards in terms of hair styling as well as when it comes to creating a confident image. When paired with a suitable bangs style this haircut becomes bolder and a lot more interesting. While the bangs style might vary depending on your facial features as well as the style of the cut you’ve chosen, side swept bangs and straight cut bangs are the most appropriate choices for wedge cuts.

Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts Short Wedge Haircuts

One of the strongest attributes of short wedge haircuts is that they are able to combine the sexiness of a short hairstyle with the glamor of high volume hairstyles in a modern and exciting way while still maintaining a strong classic vibe. All these amazing characteristics should be taken into account when trying to determine whether this type of haircut is suitable for you. If you decide that this option is appealing to you, make sure that you are able to style it accordingly on a daily basis to look your best.

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