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Shu Uemura Florescent Makeup Collection Fall/Winter 2020

Shu Uemura Florescent Makeup Collection Fall/Winter 2020

In spite of the moody weather some makeup artists might not be overwhelmed by the melancholy of the cold season. Instead they refuse to adapt to the traditional color trends and come up with a similar heartwarming and eye-pleasing collection which would definitely enhance our boring weekdays with a patch of cheer and color. With the creative tutoring of artistic director Kakuyasu Uchiide, the Shu Uemura brand managed to pave its way to become one of the most beloved cosmetic producers for the market. The packaging as well as the whole idea of dainty elegance behind the creation of this beauty line would offer girls and ladies the chance to enjoy the thrill of working with a youthful and versatile color palette.

The multitude of shades inspired by the rich and vision-pampering sight of flower fields have the power to help us forget about the upcoming harsh winter days. Take a glimpse at the Shu Uemura Fluorescent makeup collection Fall/Winter 2020 and make sure you pierce it among the must have collections for the season.

Shu Uemura Florescent Makeup Collection Fall/Winter 2020

Graceful Bloom Palette

Purple is the real deal when it comes of complementing all skin tones and also adapting to the purple makeup craze also promoted on the runway and red carpet. This stylish palette includes shades as purple and green eye shadows as well as a soft pink blush. The combination of these hues might seem surprising however those who would like to try their hand at the bold bright makeup ideas will have the opportunity to do it by keeping this stylish Graceful Bloom Palette near-at-hand.

Dreamy Petal Palette

Embrace the warm toned makeup trend that allows you to bring out the best of your eye color and unique features. This season Shu Uemura provides you with a fabulous palette of pink, purple as well as gold eye shadows as well as red blush to highlights your cheekbones. Enjoy the pleasure of creating a memorable makeup for your date or any other special event using this complex and colorful palette.

Shu Uemura Florescent Makeup Collection Fall/Winter 2020

Shue Uemura Nail Polish

Stain your nails with some of the sexy shades that prove to be the best accessories to dress up your appearance no matter the event you wish to attend. These fail-safe colors would help you nail down the colorful nail art trends that encourages you to sport some of the vibrating and fabulous manicure styles, Trawl the market for these stylish nail varnish selection offering you hues as: Gold Pollen, Red Flora and Purple.

Mineral Powder

The shimmery mineral powder offered by Shu Uemura is perfect to prepare the spotless canvas to the application of the rest of the makeup. Pave the way to your overwhelming success with this beauty product that would add a natural glow to your complexion thanks to the golden mother-of-pearl content.

Shu Uemura Florescent Makeup Collection Fall/Winter 2020

Shue Uemura Lipstick

The shades offered by this Florescent fabulous makeup collection would help you pair the right color to your skin tone. Embed the sexy lipstick into your dapper makeup and make sure you apply it to a flawless surface to ensure the best conditions for your beauty statement. Choose from the matte or shimmery shades to find the one that matches your expectations.

Partial Floral Feather False Lashes

One of the trademarks of Shu Uemura is indeed the false eyelashes the creators offer as an extra-surprise included into the various sets. This season you’ll have the privilege to sport these cute designs tinted in red and purple in order to match the earlier presented color palettes.Enjoy having gun with this fairy-tale collection that would also help you rock the colorful makeup trend.

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