Simple Makeup Tricks for A Glam Look

Simple Makeup Tricks for A Glam Look

Simple Makeup Tricks for A Glam Look

Melt-proof your makeup by polishing your application skills and using only the high street cosmetic formulas. Prep your skin for the ultimate makeover and make a smashing statement with your flawless complexion.

Makeup artists invite you to a fab tour into the world of insider beauty techniques. These simple makeup tricks are here to guarantee your spotless look all throughout the harsh hot season.

Pressed Powder Trick

There are a multitude of tricks on how to maintain the long-lasting effect of your face powder. Liz Pugh offers an extra method you can also experiment with during your quick beauty update. The solution for a flawless complexion is to apply an oil free moisturizer at first then use a powder brush to press the formula into your skin with circular motions. The result will be simply mesmerizing.

Simple Makeup Tricks for A Glam Look

Eyeliner Trick

High temperatures can ruin your look. Therefore, it is a must to prep your makeup for the sweaty season. Guarantee the flawless condition of your eyeliner in spite of the negative impact of hot weather on your look.

The secret to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your eye makeup is to use an eyeshadow brush and dip it into pressed powder. Apply a thin line of this product on the lower and upper lashline. This way you’ll be able to pave the way for an A-list makeup design.

Quick and Simple Smokey Eye Trick

Liz Pugh helps you to experiment with quick and simple smokey eyes. In order to create a daytime look that’s appropriate for all events and radiates a modern vibe, all you have to do is grab a soft Kohl pencil in your favorite color.

Cover your lids with this hue and use your fingers to blend the different shades into a sole composition. Then you can also use a little gloss to nail down the dewy makeup effect. Put a tiny amount of this product on your lids to inject a fresh and breezy vibe into your look. Crown your beauty look with waterproof mascara.

Test Your Lipstick Trick

Pro makeup artists like Charlotte Willer offer you the best trick on how to test lipsticks to find the best shades. It is a common mistake to apply it on the back of your hands. Instead, apply a tiny amount of the lipstick you spotted on the inside of your fingers. This is actually the closest in color to your lips. Stay on trend with the latest application techniques to make sure you rock only the most flattering beauty trends.

Eyebrow Tinting Trick

Anastasia Soare helps us emphasize our eyebrows without creating a too harsh effect. The rules you should follow are: if you have dark hair, your brows must be one shade lighter, whereas in case of blonde hair, these should be one shade darker than your natural hair color. Moreover, if you wish to make a real impression with your alluring glimpse and high street eye makeup, play down the prominence of your brows by using muted and lighter brow pencils.

Simple Makeup Tricks for A Glam Look

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