Simple Ways To Look Like Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup

Avril Lavigne is much known not just for her songs but also for her eye makeup. Yes, if you have spotted her on the Red Carpet, she loves to sport that gorgeous dark eye makeup teamed up with those false lashes. Not just for upper lid but even for lower lids, she just cannot do without those false lashes. We have seen her sport punk hair colors as well. Similarly she has been spotted wearing coloured feather eye lashes. If you like to follow her style, then you should buy some colourful feather eye lashes as well. Not just that, you can also use different winged colored eye liners. Avril’s eye makeup is a must try out for any girl. Today let us try a simple dark smokey Avril Lavigne eye makeup.

avril lavigne eye makeup

Steps to do Avril Lavigne eye makeup:

• Cleanse skin with a good Ph balanced face wash. Use some nice moisturizer or a sunscreen.

• Now use an eye lid primer if available or use a face primer on to whole of face. This will make your makeup last longer.

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• Cover up any spots or blemishes with a concealer. Use a cream concealer to cover any under eye dark circles. Use an angled brush for this or a simple concealer brush. Avoid using fingers.

• Make the base ready with some foundation. Blend in well with your skin.

• Start with a grey shade of eye shadow. Use on to the full upper eyelid and also up to the brow bones. Do not use this shadow now on the lower eye lashes.

• Now take a black eye pencil or kohl. Line the lower eye rim line. Do not extend at the exterior. Use this same pencil to start drawing a line on the upper lid from the inner corner. Make a broad deep line all the way across. Do not make any wing extensions.

• Next take an angled clean brush. Take a little bit of charcoal eye shadow and use the brush to use this along the lower rim.

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• Use the same brush and more charcoal eye shadow to fill in the whole lid and also the crease area.

• Now take a clean brush. This doesn’t have to be an angled brush. A Q-tip brush should be fine. Smudge the lower rim line.

• Now smudge and extend a bit the eye shadow of the upper rim. This will create a much smokey effect.

• Finally take a highlighter. Use with light strokes on to the upper eye brow bone.

• Take the grey eye shadow and use this just beneath the smudge effect of the lower rim.

• Use an eye lash curler to curl your natural lashes. Immediately use some heavy mascara. This will make the lashes sticky.

• Right after this, glue up the false eye lashes. Stick them on the lower lashes first. Use tweezers.

• Apply mascara on to upper lashes. Use glue on the false lashes. Stick them on the upper eye lashes.

Your very own Avril Lavigne eye makeup is complete. For more punk style, use coloured eye lashes on the upper lid and green or silver coloured eye liner with glitters. Keep your lips simple. Sport some nude glossy shade or use some soft pink. For the eye brows, you really don’t need to worry too much. Avril focuses more on her eye makeup. She sports natural eye brows. So if you have light slightly thin eye brows, keeping them well shaped is more than enough for an Avril Lavigne eye makeup.

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