Split Ends Problem

Split Ends Problem

People say that a haircut makes long hair grow faster. Actually, a haircut makes split ends grow slower. Those nasty frayed-ends cause hair breakage and more centimeters coming off than women with long hair can live with. What can you do to get rid of them? First, they have to be cut off and that means you coming to terms with sacrificing some length for flattering.

Then you need get used to some new hair habits.

Don’t put wet hair into pony-tail Wet hair is weak and hair strands can snap off wound up in a hair-tie. Let the hair dry completely before tying it up. If time is an issue, then wash your hair the night before.

Split Ends Problem

Over-use of a flatiron splits and fries hair-ends making them look like synthetic dolls’ hair. Use it less and save your hair by blow-drying with a flat, paddle brush or a double-brush. The double-brush looks like a flatiron but it’s lined with bristles and used with a blow-dryer. Don’t forget to use a straightening product or a leave-in conditioner.

Conditioner is important Damaged and dry ends benefit from a protein based leave-in conditioner or treatment spray because the conditioner smooths and controls frizz and the protein synthetically replaces what has been stripped from the hair due to chemical applications like bleach, making it stronger and less likely to break off.

Regular cuts (maximum every 3 months) help stop split-ends from spreading up the hair shaft and from breaking off more hair strands. That’s why people say that regular haircuts make the hair grow faster.

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