Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle Trends

Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle Trends

The most important runways are often the best source of inspiration for those who look for constant style updates that will ensure that they have a modern, worth envying look. For the spring of 2020 the hairstyles presented are extremely varied and modern at the same time offering a lot of suggestions suitable for contemporary women from all the walks of life with different personalities.

Compared to the fall/winter hairstyles trends, the looks presented where much more modern having very few retro accents. High volume hairstyles are still noticeable at times but volume is used in a much more deliberate way to create more refinement.

Like always loose hairstyles dominated the runways in various forms. All hair textures were beautifully represented by hairstyles that highlight and frame the facial features superbly creating a confident, bold yet mysterious allure. Femininity is displayed in a simple, refined manner by creating natural looking hairstyles that express the less is more idea more accurately than ever. Curly hairstyles tend to reflect a relaxed carefree attitude that still caries a subtle touch of some of the most glamorous past eras. Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott were some of the designers with the most interesting style interpretations for curly tresses.

Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsHolly FultonSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsBasso BrookeSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsMarc JacobsSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsJeremy Scott

Updo hairstyles are next in line when it comes to popularity since they are the most commonly used when the ratio between elegance and functionality becomes important. Both casual and formal updo hairstyles were interestingly represented. From updo hairstyles that take only a few minutes to create to hairstyles that require a little more patience and skill, all the hairstyles presented have managed to ignite the interest and rounds of applause in the audience.

While Oscar de la Renta managed to offer a true lesson of classicism and elegance with a flawlessly styled bun, the L.A.M.B collection was a little more focused on presenting updos that are somewhat in the middle range, carrying the carefree attitude characteristic for casual hairstyles while still exuding enough sophistication through the multitude of elements used to be considered an elegant yet less formal hairstyle. In most collections the hair volume was kept at a reasonable level, contributing to the elegance of the hairstyles without necessarily becoming the main focal point.

Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsOscar De La RentaSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsDonna KaranSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsL.A.M.BSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsChristian Siriano

An element that tends to repeat, if we are to compare the fall/winter season and the spring trends is extreme side parts. This recurring element is mostly characteristic for sleek straight tresses, subtle variations of this trend can also be applied to other hair textures. This subtle trend is by far the easiest adaptation you can make for a more well defined yet simple, fuss free hairstyle.

A clean and stylish look can also be obtained by adding a few simple elements such as braids. Thin braids placed strategically in certain places can completely transform a hairstyle like Lacoste and Jason Wu have cleverly proven. A front braid is a great way to add interest to a certain style instantly while also drawing attention to your features, particularly your eyes. Several thin braids placed at the back of the head can be a great substitute for the traditional bun hairstyle while also being an opportunity to try new hair accessories. Either way these braids will be an instant style boost you can easily do at home.

Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsLacosteSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsJason Wu

Speaking of hair accessories, designers have not neglected the prime importance of these stylish beauty enhancing tools. With a large palette of styles that can satisfy even the most exquisite tastes, embracing individuality seems to have been the key concept that served as a source of inspiration. Taking a minimalistic approach and using a rather unusual placement, creating a romantic look with the help of floral inspired accessories or going for a classic embellished accessory were only a few of the options presented.

For a more casual look a wide headband is another simple tool you can use. All in all, the next season seems to be full of exciting style changes that can help us uncover new faces of femininity and to take our appearance to the next level.

Spring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsMarc JacobsSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsRodarteSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsElena MiroSpring 2020 Runway Hairstyle TrendsCarolina Herrera

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