Styling Tips for Fine Hair

Styling Tips for Fine Hair

Fine hair is one of the problems women often complain about. Although fine hair is not necessarily thin hair, styling it can often be quite problematic. Fine hair is mostly a genetic trait so it is one of the things we have to learn how to live with and to find ways to give our tresses the structure that we desire. There are several methods that can be used to create a more interesting hairstyle with various degrees of complexity. From the haircut we choose to the way we take care of our tresses and the styling techniques we use, every aspect tends to be equally important in helping us look our best.

Creating more volume is one of the top objectives with this hair type. You can take several approaches to make the hair appear thicker. Choosing a layered hairstyle and going for a shorter cut, adding highlights and lowlights to create depth and movement or even adding bangs are some of the strategies you can implement to have thicker looking strands for a longer period of time with a relative small effort for maintenance. Although more expensive, a good solution might also be experimenting with hair extensions to create the volume you really want. Styling Tips for Fine Hair

As far as the ideal hair length is concerned, short and medium hairstyles are seen as good choices as the hair tends to appear thicker and healthier this way and the level of maintenance decreases accordingly. If you pair some of these long term solutions with others that have a powerful, instant effect, you will be able to maximize your chances of creating the look you really want for yourself and that will highlight your best traits.

The secret to wonderfully looking tresses starts in the shower. The frequency with which you wash your hair, the shampoos and conditioners you use and the blow drying technique, all have a huge impact on the way your tresses eventually look.

It is recommended to avoid washing your hair every day as it will only make your locks look worse because the natural oils will be stripped. Washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo is one of the top strategies that you can use to create the desired look. It is not recommended to use a rinse out conditioner unless your hair tends to tangle extremely easily.

The blow drying technique used is also very important because you can easily create volume and lift the roots if you use the right technique. You should start blow drying your hair from the back of the head and work your way up because in this way you will have an easier time lifting the roots without too much effort. There are also a few products that, if used correctly, can improve the way your tresses look. Typically silicone based products work well because these products tend to swell the hair shaft making the hair look healthier.

Styling Tips for Fine Hair

Although volumizing products can prove to be the answer to the for the problems you are experiencing on a daily basis it is important to resist the temptation to overuse these hair products or to make some common hair product mistakes like using a heavy hair spray or a strong shine serum as this mindset will prove to be counterproductive and might even cause serious hair damage. Instead, try turning to some good styling techniques to get the desired effects.

Techniques like backcombing and/or adding curls are highly effective for bringing out the best of your delicate tresses. If you are using the flat iron to create sedu hairstyles, you are doing a big disservice to your tresses, so it’s best to replace your flat iron with hot rollers or a curling iron for maximum flexibility.

Bleaching your tresses is another way to make the hair appear thicker, however most hair stylists advise against using this technique as a volume booster for reasons that are not hard to understand: the hair shaft can suffer severe damage and repeated exposure to harsh chemicals can be even more detrimental.

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