Summer Guide: How to Cover Up a Sunburn

Summer Guide: How to Cover Up a Sunburn

You fell asleep on the beach, or maybe you simply didn’t apply enough sunscreen. Bottom line is that you have to deal with sunburns which, besides being painful, are also not very pleasing to look at.

If you want to make sure you don’t worsen your condition and look your best despite the mishap, you should learn how to cover up a sunburn, be it on your face, chest, or any other body part.

How to Cover Up a Sunburn with Clothing

When it comes to hiding sunburns found all over your body (minus your face), clothes are some of your safest bets. There’s nothing better than a loose, long-sleeved blouse made out of cotton or any other breathable, lightweight fabric to cover up a sunburn on chest, arms, tummy!

Until your skin heals, avoid at all costs any tight fitting clothes, spandex, polyester, and any other fabrics that might be rough on your skin and cause discomfort and pain.

                             Summer Guide: How to Cover Up a SunburnSummer Guide: How to Cover Up a Sunburn

Instead, go for long-sleeved loose tops, loose pants, comfortable dresses, and any other pieces of clothing that are airy enough to ensure your well being while dealing with sunburns.

How to Cover Up a Sunburn with Makeup

Do you wonder how to cover up a sunburn on your face? As hiding your precious face under a piece of fabric is out of the question, you will need to cover up a sunburn on face with makeup.

Before heading to the cosmetics bag, remember that a face covered in sunburns is not exactly the perfect canvas for makeup! Therefore, select only a few, delicate makeup products to cover up a sunburn on face.

It’s best to limit your enthusiasm to a SPF moisturizer and mineral cosmetics, be they primers, foundations, or powders. Try cosmetics such as Mineral SPF 30 Brush-On Sun Defense, Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup 16-Hour Wear/SPF 10 Liquid Mineral Foundation, and Jouer Mineral Face Powder.

Summer Guide: How to Cover Up a SunburnSummer Guide: How to Cover Up a Sunburn

Apply these makeup products with gentle moves and without rubbing the sunburned areas.

If you’re able to find a makeup spray, it’s even better. Good choices might turn out to be DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation, Luminess Air Airbrush Blush and the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, designed to set and hold the makeup.

Last but not least, avoid bright colored makeup until your sunburns heal. A sheer lip gloss such as Lorac Multiplex 3-D Lip Gloss, and a bit of mascara like Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara will do the trick!

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