Summer Makeup Tips

Summer Makeup Tips

What can be more appropriate for a summer look than a discreet, natural, fresh and rejuvenating makeup. Forget about running mascara and thick foundation, and try a few makeup tips and tricks in order to make your skin look amazing during summer.

Ice, ice…. Before starting the makeup process, apply an ice cube on the clean face as this clogs the pores and the skin becomes matter. If you have a mixed or oily skin, apply a gel-cream or a moisturizing lotion in order to prevent sebum outbreak.

Say no to foundation. When it comes to foundation, specialists say that it is better to avoid it during summer. Therefore, you should avoid applying foundation and go only for some blush in order to emphasize your cheekbones. Still, if you really need foundation, choose a moisturizing, matte one.

Summer Makeup Tips

Powder. For a more natural look, you can successfully replace foundation with powder. Even though powder is not strongly recommended either, if you still decide to use it, choose it in a light, smooth texture and colors such as golden-brown, raspberry pink, dark red or a darker pink.

Bronze powder. Always avoid applying bronze powder just after applying moisturizing cream. This will make the process much more difficult. Therefore, your skin should be dry. Apply it along the forehead, nose bridge, cheeks, a bit on the chin and neck.

Blush. For a more natural, daytime makeup use creamy and smooth, fluid textures, rather transparent, and warm colors. If you want a sun-kissed effect, use a brush and apply some blush on the nostrils.

At the beach. Everyone knows that at the beach makeup is totally forbidden. This is not just because you cannot tan, but when you’ll get out of the water you’ll look rather strange and scary. Moreover, the substances in makeup products combined with sun rays can really harm your skin. Nevertheless, there are two products you can use on this occasion. First, there is the water proof mascara applied in one light coat. Then, there is the lip gloss in shimmery shades.

Summer Makeup Tips

Daytime makeup. For this type of makeup, a blush is the secret weapon. However, make sure it is bronze for brunettes, and pink, coral or peachy for blondes. Blush plays the role of refreshing the skin. Use natural colors for eyeshadows such as beige, warm shades of brown, pink and orange. You can use a black or brown mascara as long as you don’t overload your eyelashes. Replace your eyebrow pencil by a colorless mascara. Avoid lip liner and go for lip gloss and colors such as pink, beige or peach.

Shimmery makeup is appropriate for a daytime look in order to accentuate the bronze effect. If you are looking for an easy and quick makeup, choose a concealer and a self-tanning balm or gel. Balm is perfect if you want to cover red spots and it gives the illusion that nothing has been applied on the skin. It also acts as a sunscreen. If you want to accentuate the tanned effect, apply a bronze illuminating powder or a creamy blush for a fresh look. The eyeliner is essential as it intensifies the look.

Evening makeup. Now you are allowed to use foundation, but still try not to exaggerate. As for the makeup, choose what part you want to accentuate: the lips or the eyes. In both cases you can use mascara. For a night out with your friends, in a club, you should avoid using foundation. Use the powder instead and take it with you if you feel like refreshing your makeup. For the eyes you can choose metallics and a holographic lip gloss for your lips. Make sure all makeup products that you choose are transfer resistant.

Femme fatale. If for a casual, daytime makeup it is advisable not to exaggerate with your makeup, for an evening makeup you can dare more and play with colors. You can accentuate the eyes using false eyelashes and shimmery eyeshadow. Moreover, for a “femme fatale” look, you can use a black eyeliner and an iridescent eyeshadow to brighten up your look.

Summer Makeup Tips Summer Makeup Tips

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