Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques

There’s nothing more toxic for your beauty than a makeup leakage during summer. The best summer waterproof makeup products can help you hide your faults and look glamorous, without betraying you in the middle of the day. Waterproof makeup techniques involve using quality products with a great resistance to sweat, but your waterproof makeup also needs a few application tricks that guarantee a perfect waterproof makeup for  summer.

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques: PrimerUsing a foundation primer is the first important aspect you should keep in mind before using a summer waterproof makeup. Besides the fact you should buy a quality product, it is also important to look for a silicone based formula. This ingredient is essential to ensuring the best summer waterproof makeup because it acts like a barrier between water and your skin.

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques: FoundationOne of the most valuable waterproof makeup techniques recommends using the perfect foundation for your skin type, but with moderation. During the hot season skip using oil based foundations as they can make your skin look oily much faster. Opt for a silicone based foundation instead as this ingredient is the key to a waterproof effect.

Also, dusting a translucent face powder over your foundation could be a good technique for keeping your complexion nice and dry, and your makeup looking perfect. Apply it especially on your T-zone!

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Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques: ConcealerYou know what? If your face gets sweaty really fast, forget about foundation. Just let your skin breathe and use a waterproof concealer, a very pigmented one, to hide your skin’s imperfections and remain beautiful all day long. This is a great advice for a day at the pool or at the beach, so keep it in mind.

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques: EyeshadowIf you must use eyeshadow or blush, choose a creamy formula that hydrates your skin and gives it a beautiful glow. This particular formula is less likely to gather in the crease of your eyelids, so test several brands (you will certainly find on the market numerous long lasting products especially designed to prevent makeup fails) and pick your absolute favorite.

Summer Waterproof Makeup Techniques: Eyeliner and MascaraAnother useful advice for a successful summer waterproof makeup is to always apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara. These two products are the ones that most often lead to raccoon eyes if they’re non resistant to water, so it’s better to invest in a waterproof makeup remover and gently wipe the makeup off whenever you desire than have it run on its own when you’re least expecting.

Make sure you scrub your face weekly because dead cells are the worst enemy for a lasting waterproof makeup (they don’t really help your makeup become “one” with your face). Don’t forget about hydration, inside and out, and also don’t expose yourself to sun rays without SPF protection!

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