Teen Makeup Tips

Teen Makeup Tips

Teen makeup should be natural and age appropriate. The colors you should choose are those closer to the color of your skin. You can also add some shades such as pink, coral or beige. You shouldn’t look for perfection, but you need to have fun and be unique. Simple makeup is appropriate for this age. Even though this is the perfect time for experimenting different types of makeup and play with colors especially for special occasions, for a daytime look a simple, natural makeup is the ideal choice.

Less is more

At this age, skin is in its best moments and you don’t need a base, especially a strong one, unless you have acne or blackheads. Only cover what is necessary, don’t cover the entire face. Maybe you have noticed how too much makeup sometimes makes you look like a mask. Therefore, teen makeup should be the reflection of the freshness specific to this age. All you need is a good mascara, a concealer for your pimples and a lip gloss. You can use a blush during windy fall and winter days.

As normal makeup overloads the skin, especially a sensitive one, it is indicated to use mineral makeup products that cover all imperfections specific to this age, such as acne, while emphasizing natural, beautiful traits, and moreover, not clogging pores. As most teenage girls have problems with pimples, an anti-acne stick with double action, covering and treatment, is a must.

Shimmery eyeshadows and glossy lips are perfect for teenage girls, as well as non-matte textures that emphasize a beautiful, youthful and radiant skin. The perfect colors and textures for teenagers are the translucent ones that add color, without covering everything. Darker colors and matte tones will only make you look more mature.

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Skin makeup

As most teenagers have a healthy flush, it is not necessary to use a blush or a compact powder. You can use instead bronze pearls in a very delicate and fine layer and apply them using a thick brush. They will give a natural and cute shade to your skin, without looking artificial. However, avoid using this type of products if you have acne.

If you want to cover skin flaws with makeup, use a mineral foundation or a mousse one that perfectly covers flaws and is easy to apply. Don’t use foundation if you don’t have skin problems or if you have acne. By applying foundation you’ll not cover acne and you’ll have an unnatural look. You should better use a concealer with double effect, coverage and treatment.

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Eye makeup For your eyes, you can choose eyeshadows in warm colors, pastels in pink, peach, apricot shades. Don’t use eyeliner or liquid eyeliner as you’ll look older. Avoid using black mascara and choose instead a brown one for lengthening and volume. If you already have dark eyelashes, you can use a transparent mascara. Don’t exaggerate when applying a beauty product, one layer is enough whether we are talking about eyeshadow, mascara or foundation.

Lips In order to finish your makeup, don’t forget to apply a lip gloss or a lip balm in a natural color. Your lips should be protected. Therefore, moisturizing lipsticks are the best option. As for the colors, go for pale pinks if you have dark skin and a medium pink if you have fair skin. If your lips are fuller, choose a lip balm, while if your lips are thinner, use a lip gloss.

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