The Best Vitamins To Take For Quick Hair Growth

Do you know what you eat reflects on your hair? It is not a surprising fact that diet plays an essential role in determining the quality and growth of your hair. A diet loaded with essential vitamins and minerals can nourish hair from the roots to the tip and also promote hair growth. Yes, you read it right.

List of Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth:

If you desire vibrant and long healthy locks, start adding the right vitamins to your daily food, and look for the difference yourself. To make it simpler for you, given below are some essential vitamins that aid hair growth.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • B-Complex Vitamins
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Biotin

Intake of the vitamins on a regular basis will surely have a visible effect on your hair growth. However, it is advisable that you maintain a healthy balanced diet alongside a regular intake of supplements of vitamins. Also ensure that you wash your hair at least twice a week. Maintain a nice hair care routine and include fruits in your daily diet.

Best Natural Vitamins For Hair Growth:

Vitamins are very essential and required for hair and growth and other hair related problems. Whenever you get the doubt which vitamin is good for hair growth? Here we have been given 8 best and natural vitamins for hair growth. The list is a collection of the best hair vitamins for length and strength.

1. Vitamin A:

Of all the vitamins needed for hair, this is the most essential vitamin that aids faster hair growth. Vitamin A is a good source of anti-oxidants that is essential for good health of your scalp and hair. This essential vitamin also nourishes the scalp and provides the required moisturizer. Thereby the hair does not dry out and remains shiny and lustrous. However, excessive intake of Vitamin A can prove toxic and eventually lead to hair loss and thinning. Some excellent source of Vitamin A in your diet are milk, dried apricots, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, egg yolk and liver.

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2. Vitamin B Complex:

B complex vitamins are a collection of essential vitamins that work together to assist in proper functioning of the body. They are namely Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic Acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Innositol, Paraminobenzoic acid and Vitamin B12 (Folic Acid). Thismulti vitamin for hair growth also reduces hair loss and premature greying. Dietary sources of Vitamin B complex are legumes, whole grains, avocado, eggs and meat. B-Complex is the best multi vitamin for hair growth.

3. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is used in the body to build collagen that is essential for new hair growth. It also helps in absorbing iron, an important constituent for healthy hair. Hence it becomes important to maintain optimum levels of Vitamin C in the body to get long beautiful tresses. Deficiency of this vitamin can make your hair look dull and weak. Vitamin C for our body can only be sourced from the dietary intake. You can get a good dose of Vitamin C by eating more of citrus fruits, guava, strawberry, cantaloupe, spinach and bell peppers. The recommended dose of Vitamin C in the body is nearly 75-90 mg each day.

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4. Biotin:


It is a well known fact that Biotin is an important and crucial vitamin for faster and healthy hair growth. It also helps in maintaining the natural color of your hair. Biotin helps in stimulating scalp circulation and that triggers the hair follicles for new growth. Because of its amazing health benefits, Biotin is an important composition used in making commercial conditioners and shampoos. Food sources loaded with this essential vitamin are dairy products like milk, cheese and nuts.

5. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin for treating multiple hair troubles like dryness, and the problems of dull and rough hair. It works by locking adequate moisture between the hair strands and protects it from drying. Besides it also gives your mane a natural shine and lustre. Therefore it becomes crucial to get plenty of Vitamin E from your diet to stimulate blood circulation for healthy scalp. The dietary sources of Vitamin E are milk, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, kiwi, dried herbs, cooked spinach and fish.

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6. Niacin:

Which Vitamin is Good for Hair Growth - Niacin

Niacin belongs to the Vitamin B family but deserves a special mention because it is a regular vitamin for hair growth. It helps to promote healthy hair growth and nourishes scalp. Inadequacy of niacin leads to hair strands becoming brittle, lack luster and they eventually fall out. Insufficient Niacin leads to pellagra. In order to avoid this boost up your Vitamin B intake and stick to a healthy balanced diet. Vitamin B is commonly found in foods like meat, egg and avocado.

7. Pantothenic Acid:

Which Vitamin is Good for Hair Growth - Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin B5, is highly effective in the prevention of graying due to aging and also reduces breakage of hair and hair loss due to aging. Pantothenic acid not only strengthens the scalp but also boosts the hair follicles. A healthy hair follicle means that there is adequate blood supply to the scalp and this reflects in your lustrous locks. It also clears the scalp of the dead skin cells and provides fresh ground for new hair and stronger hair growth. Pantothenic acid is found in Vitamin B complex and also in foods like eggs and whole wheat grain.

8. Inositol:

Which Vitamin is Good for Hair Growth - Inositol

This is the last vitamin I would like to mention. It is one of the best vitamins for hair growth. It is an uncommon vitamin and is generally grouped into the Vitamin B group. However it deserves a special mention for the miraculous effect it has on hair growth. Inositol intake leads to a healthy cell membrane which boosts the scalp and is good for hair growth. Recent study shows that men who took a dose of inositol on a daily basis were found to have reduced hair loss and in fact, their hair re-growth got a boost. Though Inositol is naturally produced in the body when the body breaks down glucose but if you wish to take an additional dose of Inositol,you could ensure a regular intake of foods like beans, citrus fruits, whole grain breads and also brewer’s yeast.

Good nutrition plays a pivotal role in promoting overall functioning of your body systems. These are the natural vitamins for hair growth. These vitamins are therefore essential for healthy lifestyle and healthy growth of hair. Moreover to get long shiny locks, you must also follow a good hair care regimen and keep your scalp clean from dirt and pollution. Inositol and biotin and the others mentioned in this list are some major vitamins needed for hair growth.

List of Top Vitamin Supplements For Hair Growth:

Sometimes your body might not be able to absorb the vitamins from natural sources. In such cases, vitamin supplements come to your aid. Check out these top 3 vitamin supplements needs for healthy hair growth:

1. Nutrevita – Vitamins For Hair Growth – Best Extra Strength Biotin Supplement For Thicker, Longer, Fast Growing Vibrant Hair:

Nutrevita’s Biotin supplements promote hair growth in a short span of time. They also strengthen the existing hair from within and stimulates better growth. The capsules reduce hair breakage and damage. One can witness new growth in bald spots and with regular usage, you can get thicker and fuller hair.

2. Hair Growth Essentials Supplement For Hair Loss:

Hair Growth Advanced Hair support formula contains 29 Vitamins that aid in faster regrowth and healthy hair for both men and women. It claims to promote new hair growth within a short period. Not only does it prevents hair loss and thinning, but also strengthens hair follicles.

3. HUM Nutrition’s Red Carpet Capsules:

HUM’s Red Carpet capsules are antioxidant rich pills that boosts hair growth. It is powered with Vitamin E and omega 3 from Black currant seed oil and gamma linolenic acid. If you are looking for stronger, healthier and gorgeous looking hair, try these capsules.

We hope you understand the importance of using Vitamins for your hair. Beautiful hair needs to be healthy inside and out. Say goodbye to bald patches, sparse hair and damaged follicles by incorporating these vitamins in your diet.