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The Negative Effects of Using False Eyelashes

The Negative Effects of Using False Eyelashes

False eyelashes have become a definite must have for women seeking perfection and a more glamorous look. But it seems that false lashes don’t bring only benefits for your look, as it’s been proven that improper removal and long term use of permanent false eyelashes can have a negative effect over your natural lashes.

Women are turning towards false eyelash application more and more often but experts are warning women that the negative effects of false eyelashes overuse include permanent destruction of your natural lashes. According to DailyMail, hair restoration surgeon Bessam Farjo stated that:

The Negative Effects of Using False Eyelashes

“I have seen people who have used them extensively, or all the time, or for long periods of time, and they have lost lashes or a certain number of lashes to the point where they have to keep wearing the false lashes or they have come in and asked can it be rectified surgically? Not every type is the same, but they do have the potential to cause damage if you persistently wear them all the time, with double layers, or don’t remove them properly and eventually the weight might affect them.”

False eyelashes have the ability to create a dramatic look, so no wonder that hey have become a favorite for women. They are available in an array of hues and textures, come in full or individual strands and can be applied to last hours or weeks. The high variety attracted even more customers but improper removal of the lashes or using them too often can bring some unwanted effects, as no one wants to damage their own lashes. Dr. Bessam also states that:

“The glue used can create tension and can pull out the natural lashes when removed. I would advise caution. If you use them, take them off gently, don’t wear them all the time, it will be fine. But there is potential for causing damage but it can vary from person to person because not everyone’s lashes or hair is as vulnerable as the next person’s. Most of the time if you damage your hair or the eyelashes, the body will recover. If you stop using whatever is causing the damage, then the eyelashes can recover and grow. But if you have caused permanent damage and there is a gap in the eyelash, it is possible to surgically plant hairs there.”

If used improperly, beauty products can sometimes trigger some unwanted effects, so pay attention and learn more about the benefits and negative effects of the products you’re about to use by reading and respecting the instructions of use given to you by the manufacturer.

The Negative Effects of Using False Eyelashes

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