The Veronicas Hairstyles

The Veronicas Hairstyles

These two gorgeous babes from The Veronicas pop rock band definitely have something to say when it comes to their fashion style and hairstyles. They seem to be very unique and distinct even though they are twin sisters. They both have their own personality and style, and they are both hot.

The two Aussies, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso definitely stand out due to their talent, incredible fashion sense and gorgeous blonde and black tresses.

Because they are so unique but still very feminine in their style they have become fashion icons for many of their fans. Hairstyle is very important when it comes to a persons appearance and The Veronicas have gorgeous hairstyles, which make them look stunning.

They look like toe opposites one being blonde and the other being black haired so choose the “Veronica” you like best:

Lisa Origliasso’s Hairstyle

Lisa, the black haired babe from The Veronicas looks great with dark hair color. The color hue matches her fair skin complexion perfectly and helps enhance her gorgeous dark green eyes. The hairstyle she opted suites her facial features perfectly.

Long hairstyles beautifully frame her face in order to draw attention and soften her look. Since side swept bangs work great because they offer the hairstyle more versatility and style. Side swept bangs also help diminish the appearance of a wide forehead so don’t hesitate having them cut.

Lisa wears her black tresses a little bit wavy to create a more hair volume. The side swept bangs she usually opts for are straightened and the combination of wavy hair and straightened bangs works great. Layers incorporated through her tresses help the hair get fabulous volume and texture it needs in order to look as great as it does. This type of hairstyle can also be worn sleek straight and it will look equally awesome.

The Veronicas HairstylesPR PhotosThe Veronicas HairstylesPR Photos

Jessica Origliasso’s Hairstyle

Jessica opted for a different hair color than Lisa. The color she chose is a blonde shade which suites her complexion perfectly. Blonde hair is also a great option for a fair skin complexion so if you like her hair color and got fair skin don’t hesitate.

The hairstyles Jessica can usually be seen with are long straight and long wavy hairstyles. Choppy layers make the hair obtain the right amount of volume much needed in order for the hair to look as good.

In order to make the best out of her gorgeous facial features, Jessica opted for side swept bangs which help bring out her gorgeous eyes. Dye your hair blonde and opt for Jessica’s gorgeous hairstyle if you think it will do you justice just like it does her.

The Veronicas HairstylesPR PhotosThe Veronicas HairstylesPR Photos

Choose Lisa’s or Jessica’s hairstyle and hair color if you want to look rock glamorous, feminine and stylish. Get a professional haircut and hair color in order to obtain the exact results you desire.

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