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Tips for First Time Tattooing

Tips for First Time Tattooing

Tattoos have become a highly popular form of self expression especially among youngsters who were quick to adopt it to highlight certain aspects of their personality. While tattoos are obviously a highly personal decision keeping in mind a few simple ideas might help you avoid regrets later on. Obviously, when selecting a tattoo design taking into account the fact that you will have it for life is perhaps the most important aspect you can consider. Keeping a long term perspective and keeping in mind the changes you might go through might help you determine if your decision is really correct. Scheduling a consultation with a tattoo artist is essential especially if you have a dark skin and you want a colored tattoo. Tips for First Time Tattooing

If you are doing a tattoo at an early age thinking about placement is particularly important. Although perceptions about tattoos are beginning to become more favorable, many people still have a problem associating tattoos with professionalism. However, although subjective factors are perhaps the most important when choosing a tattoo, once you are completely sure of your decision, taking care of a few practical aspects can be crucial. Here are a few things that should be taken into account:

Thinking about aftercare before getting tattooed is important as you will want to make sure that you have everything you need at hand to be able to care for your tattoo. Moisturizing the skin both before and after is crucial so purchasing a fragrance free ointment is essential. Aquaphor is said to be the best tattoo skin care cream available so giving it a try might be a good idea. Since you will have to clean the area regularly to be able to prevent infections purchasing a fragrance free antibacterial soap in advance might be a good idea as well.

Selecting the proper moment to get tattooed is also a thing to consider. Since tattoos are quite a challenge for your immune system, getting a tattoo while you are sick or you feel you are about to be is a bad idea. Likewise, if you known that your skin gets particularly sensitive at certain times, avoiding that particular time can be useful to avoid unnecessary suffering. Avoiding direct sunlight on the tattoo or using tanning beds for about two weeks to a month after getting the tattoo is also a good idea so make sure that your plans don’t make the sticking to these recommendations harder.

Avoiding alcohol for 72 hours before getting the tattoo is important. Also taking medication such as aspirin is not a wise idea. Both of these recommendations are given using the same logic. Both alcohol and aspirin thin out the blood, causing you to bleed more. One other rather obvious recommendation is to avoid perfumes when getting the tattoo.

Making sure that the tattoo studio is clean and has all the necessary tools that will allow you to get your tattoo in safe, hygienic conditions is another aspect you should look out for. Choosing the tattoo artist carefully is also crucial. Finding a tattoo artist that is eager to respond to any questions or concerns you might have is also equally important. When getting a tattoo, being prepared to pay a decent price for your artwork is recommended. Saving money should definitely not be a top concern as the quality of the tattoo will profoundly influence your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction when it comes to your tattoo.

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask the tattoo artist for recommendation when it comes to the aftercare process. Treat the process of tattooing wisely and the chances of developing regrets later on will be greatly diminished.

Tips for First Time Tattooing

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