Tips For Painless Bikini Wax

Tips For Painless Bikini Wax

Professionals reveal their secrets cosmeticians often not appeal to when sparing their clients from unwanted hair. Therefore some might avoid similar beauty sessions. However there’s no need to stay away of waxing as it is one of the most efficient and widely practices hair removal methods available in the beauty market. Those who are still eager to challenge the pain myth will have the chance to fight their phobia with simple tricks. The precious tips for painless bikini wax are based on experience and years of practices by cosmeticians who are eager to use their high brow talent to make waxing sessions both useful and pleasing. Our health condition as well as the use of various ingredients all can determine the outcome of the beauty ritual therefore consider some of these tricks to explore a hidden side of waxing hair removal perfect for the upcoming hot season. Tips For Painless Bikini Wax


A successful waxing ritual is guarantees by the condition of our skin. Therefore it is highly recommended to condition and cleanse the surface from body care product build up as well as dead skin cells. This way the wax would be able to grab the hair at the proper place without causing any difficulties to remove it.

The ideal exfoliation session should take place at least 1 day before the hair removal appointment. Include this tiny practice when taking a bath as the water and the use of a loofah or a skin brush would be able to guarantee the smooth and soft texture of your skin.


It might sound funny but some people tend to withhold their breath when waxing. This in fact would deprive your brain from oxygen and can also increase the pain factor. Most of us consider this bad habit the best remedy to minimize the discomfort.

However as professionals claim it is more useful to take a deep breath and go on with the waxing process. Inhale when the wax is applied and exhale when you remove the hair. Control your breathing in order to be gentle with your body.

Period Factor

It is not a novelty that our health has a tremendous effect on our health. As a consequence it is also a well-known fact that our skin tends to be more sensitive during our period. In order to prevent the great pain of waxing it is highly advisable to plan the waxing ritual after these significant days. Moreover we are also more sensitive to pain in this period therefore the hair removal process can be even more unpleasant. Keep this factor in mind for the dream effect.

Tips For Painless Bikini Wax

Hard Wax

Cosmeticians would use the various wax textures for different operations. Those who would like to reduce the probability of pain should purchase hard wax. This is the solution to be able to remove the hair more efficiently and less painfully.

Look for specialized stores or read labels to find the best formula that would ensure the best conditions for waxing.Ripping off the waxing stripe can be pretty unpleasant.

However it won’t be as radical if you learn how to choose the best kit and wax quality right from the early sessions. Remember you’re tackling a sensitive area the quicker and efficient you proceed the less uncomfortable the ritual will be.

Ice For Soothing

After the waxing session make sure you apply an ice package as it will be able to reduce the chance for irritation as well as the inflammation of the area. It is also extremely important to wrap the ice into a towel or soft cloth as the area should not get in contact with water and humidity. The ideal time to keep the ice package on is no more than 20 minutes as it would be sufficient for the desired effect. Additionally a similar ritual will also close the pores that were opened due to the elimination of hair.