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Tips for Perfect Eyelashes

Tips for Perfect Eyelashes

Considering the fact that most women consider their eyes to be one of the most attractive facial features, it’s no wonder that they try their best to make sure that they emphasize their features in a proper way. Even those who are not attracted to elaborate eye makeup styles do not neglect the importance that using mascara has when it comes to defining the overall features. Tips for Perfect Eyelashes

Getting beautiful eyelashes is an important aspect regardless of the makeup style preferred so making sure that our eyelashes are perfectly cared for and groomed should be an important beauty priority.

Although most women don’t have an eyelashes care routine keeping in mind a few simple tips can make a huge difference. One of the most important aspects is making sure that makeup is properly removed every single time. If when it comes to makeup removal is important to prevent premature skin aging, when it comes to your eyelashes this aspect is important because your eyelashes might become weaker and fall off if you neglect this simple procedure.

Make sure you insist on the roots of the eyelashes the most as these are more likely to be affected.If you want stronger, longer lashes nourishing them is essential. Luckily caring for your eyelashes is not difficult at all, requiring little conscious effort. In fact an overnight treatment consisting of applying castor oil on your eyelashes is all you need to speed up eyelashes growth.

Even though other types of oils are also a great choices as they contain several useful ingredients castor oil has proven to be one of the most effective choices when it comes to boosting eyelashes health and growth. If caring for your eyelashes is relatively simple to really highlight the beauty of your eyelashes you might have to use several different tricks. Choosing the right type of mascara wand is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get a sultry look.

Tips for Perfect Eyelashes

Curved mascara wands are an excellent choice for those who want to work several eyelashes simultaneously and who want curled lashes without using lash curlers. Flexible rubber wands are a good choice for those who want extra eyelash volume while comb wands are great for lengthening and defining the eyelashes. However a mascara wand with short bristles is the best choice if you have short eyelashes. Another simple tip when choosing mascara brushes is to make sure that the bristles are separated and perky instead of being flat.

If you prefer to curl your lashes using a lash curler a good idea is to heat it up a bit before using it as it will act like a curling iron. Applying a small amount of powder prior to applying mascara will help you get a smooth sexy look as the mascara will have something to cling to. Also, if you normally apply two coats of mascara it is a good idea to wait for the fist coat to dry as it can clump, especially if you use a waterproof mascara, which is especially formulated to dry more quickly than other types of mascara. Also to get a smooth finish and eliminate clumps a last comb is a useful tool. Alternatively using a faded brush is a great way to get feathery lashes.

If you are in a hurry make sure to apply mascara on the lower lids first instead of the upper ones to get a natural finish and avoid mascara transfer. However regardless of the method you use make sure to keep mind the normal lifespan of mascara products to avoid eye infections or weakening your eyelashes. Most beauty experts recommend replacing mascara every 3 months or at least every 6 months to prevent any problems that might occur.

Tips for Perfect Eyelashes

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