Tips for Proper Facial Cleansing

Tips for Proper Facial Cleansing

If you cleanse your skin in a hurry, in just a few seconds, without even realizing the fact that your skin needs a deep cleansing, the negative effects will be visible soon. Makeup traces that remain on the skin clog pores causing the accumulation of sebum. The result is acne, even at an adult age. Also, blackheads or whiteheads can be the result of a wrong cleansing.

It’s important to select a cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Even if cleansing gels might be efficient, it’s more proper to use a cleansing lotion appropriate for your skin type. These are specially made in order to maintain the natural ph of the skin.

On the other hand, you can successfully use cleansing wipes. Opt for a special lotion for eye cleansing. The skin around the eyes is more sensitive, therefore it needs special treatment.

The ideal cleansing lotion for mixed skin is under the form of a micellar lotion, as this skin type needs products that don’t overload it in the oily areas (like the cleansing milk), and in the same time don’t dry the areas that already don’t have enough sebum (like gels that rinse with water).

Dry skin should be cleaned twice a day using cleansing milk or cream or even a micellar lotion. You should do it in the morning and in the evening using a gel that must be rinsed with water and then apply an astringent lotion.

Steps for a correct cleansing

Tips for Proper Facial Cleansing

Start by cleansing the areas where you apply more makeup, like the eyes and lips.

Apply a bit of lotion on cotton wool balls or pads, then wipe the lips starting from the exterior towards the interior.

Cleanse the eyes, applying lotion on two pads. Then put the pads on the eyes and leave them for a few seconds, enough for the makeup to dissolve. This will allow you to remove makeup easily.

First, remove the mascara and the eyeshadow, using upward and downward moves, on the eyelid.

Cleanse the area under the eyes, by delicate moves.

For each area use a new pad, so you don’t spread the makeup on the skin.

You can continue by removing the makeup from the cheeks, forehead and chin, the areas with less makeup.

Don’t forget that the neck also needs cleansing, especially if you apply powder or foundation.

Easy tips

All this cleansing process must be done by gentle, delicate moves, especially the eye area. So, you don’t need to scrub. After the deep cleansing of the skin, you can use a tonic lotion.

You should cleanse your face every morning in order to remove oil and all the impurities.

You must cleanse with tepid water.

Avoid using soap as it will only dry and damage skin. Soap makes the skin more vulnerable to all external factors and sustains wrinkle formation.

Don’t wash your face more than twice a day in order to keep the necessary amount of oil.

Always wash your hands before cleansing.

The facial cleansing routine must be finished with moisturizer.

If you have normal skin, you have the possibility to choose from different types of cleansers.

Once a week, use an exfoliating scrub so you can remove death cells.