Tips for the Perfect Blowout

Tips for the Perfect Blowout

It seems like no matter what hair styling techniques we try to imitate at home the results we get are most of the times relatively modest compared to what we would have got if we have went to a salon and let professionals take care of our tresses. However instead of letting ourselves get disappointed and conclude that our styling skills are not as we would like them to be, a much better idea is to make sure that we hone our skills with every chance we get and constantly learn new tricks that will help us get the results we want with less effort. Tips for the Perfect Blowout

When it comes to blowouts every single action we take is important so attention to details is essential in order to get the best possible results. Even though the techniques we use for blowouts by far the most important ones the preparatory stages are equally important. Choose a rich shampoo and a creamy conditioner. Make sure to apply the shampoo starting from the hair roots and work your way to the hair ends. Also make sure to rinse hair using cold water to avoid unnecessary frizz.

After washing the hair, gently bloat your tresses with a towel in order to get rid of the excess water. After this step is complete it is time to gather the tools you will need. A thermal protection spray is essential as it protect your tresses keeping them healthy and shiny.

Then, after making sure the thermal protection spray is evenly distributed, separate your tresses into smaller sections and begin disentangling your hair. Four sections are usually recommended. A wide toothed comb or a boar mixed bristle brush are a perfect choice for this operation. Use your finger to control the process even better.

Spritzing volumizing spray at the roots is a good idea if you want some extra oomph or if you have fine hair. As you start to blow dry each hair section make sure to point the nozzle downward to be able to boost hair volume even more. Using a nozzle will help you get a more well controlled , polished finish. Make sure you keep the blow drier at a proper distance. One way to check if you hold the blow dryer to close is to point the blow dryer to your forehead at approximately the same distance. If you feel it is to hot the distance should be higher than it is now. Tips for the Perfect Blowout

If you are in a hurry you should also make sure to avoid drying your hair in the bathroom or in a place with a lot of moisture. The reason for this is that the steam will make the hair retain moisture, making the actual blow drying process harder. Another time saver can be comb attachments which can save as much as 50% from the drying time. Another popular idea you can use to cut drying time in half is purchasing a ionic blow dryer as it will also help minimize frizz.

After the hair roots have dried move to a rounded brush to create more volume and blow dry each section carefully. The air should pass over the brush, not in the brush to ensure results. This step is important because it will help smooth the hair shaft creating a more purposeful look. If you are short on time you can also choose a flat iron to get pin straight tresses easier.

To complete the process it is recommended to use a shine enhancing product that will help you highlight your tresses even more making them stand out. A lightweight hair spray is recommended for those who have fine hair while those who have coarse hair will benefit the most from using a pomade. Shine gels or creams are best for those who have normal hair.

Tips for the Perfect Blowout