Tips to Choose the Right Foundation

Tips to Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation is a marvelous cosmetic product because it can help our skin look flawless, without any imperfections. The only difficult thing about finding the right foundation is finding a color that matches. If the shade of the foundation is slightly different than the color of the natural skin color, the results could be far from magnificent, they could actually be disastrous.

There are several brands which produce several types of foundation in multiple shades to suite every kind of complexions. You can find foundation under two forms, liquid or cream, depending on your preference.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right foundation:

find out your skin type. Foundations are usually manufactured to match certain skin types. For example if you have an oily complexion you will need to buy an oil free foundation because your skin doesn’t need more oil that it already has

Tips to Choose the Right Foundation

decide on what your foundation should do for your complexion. You can choose from foundations which give a light or a heavy look, a silky, matte or illuminating finish

test your favorite foundation to find the right shade for you on the back of your hand because that is where the skin color is most similar to the facial skin color

make sure there is plenty of light in the area where you test the foundation to make sure that the shade is the correct one for you

make sure the foundation blends into your skin well, that way you will know it will penetrate your skin and not remain on the surface

try several brands before you finally decide for one because not all brands produce the same type of foundations. Some might have ingredients which might work better for you than others

After you purchased the best foundation for you make sure you apply it on your face in front of a large mirror where there is plenty of natural light to ensure best coverage. If the foundation is right for you your skin will look soft, silky and flawless.

Tips to Choose the Right Foundation