Top 10 Latest Bracelet Mehndi Designs in 2020

Decades ago  mehndi was applied on hands and feet’s in a particular design and pattern, but now mehndi is applied in many pattern and design to give a fascinating and charming look to a woman personality. Among these design bracelet style mehndi designs is gaining popularity as it gives a new look to the wrist and lends you a distinctive and striking appearance in the crowd. Many girls and woman adorn to wear bracelets then bracelet mehndi designs could be a perfect pick for those unique aand gorgeous looks.

Different Patterns of Bracelet Mehndi Designs for Weddings:

Let’s have a look and astonishing and vibrant bracelet mehndi designs in trend.

1. Moon and Stars Bracelet Mehndi Design:

 Bracelet Mehndi Designs

All of us want live in fairy world where moon and stars make you feel happy. So why not design it on your wrist and always be energized. The bracelet mehndi design has moon and stars along with some flowers motifs, a wonderful and cute mehndi design which would be loved by everyone.

2. Vine Pattern Bracelet Mehndi Design:

Vine Pattern Bracelet Mehndi Design

This type of design looks very elegant and gives a neat look to the wrist. On the wrist vine pattern is designed in a longish style and on the wrist wide three liner mehndi design is crafted. The designs getting connected to the ring finger making it appear very beautiful.

3. Bracelet with Ring Mehandi Design:

Bracelet with Ring Mehndi Design

This type of design where in you can connect the wrist to any fingers of your palm, this type of pattern is known as bracelet with ring mehndi. The design of the wrist is inspired from ancient temples and the small dotted chain or string sketched to one of the finger, thus giving a fabulous look.

4. Stylish Bracelet Mehndi Design:

Stylish Bracelet Mehndi Design

This type of unique and striking mehndi bracelet design looks unique and stylish. The small dots in between the design enhance the looks and the small lines and curves makes the design more intricate and flamboyant and would attract each and every eye and would draw all attention toward you. And make you feel special.

5. Simple Bracelet Mehndi Designs:

Simple Bracelet Mehndi Design

This types of simple yet elegant mehndi bracelet looks very smart every age group females. Small cute mango leaves is designed from the wrist to the middle finger and it is filled with wave design making it appear a marvellous design.

6. Designer Bracelet Mehndi Design:

Designer Bracelet Mehndi Design

In recent time young girls want to design bracelet mehndi designs which is unique and makes them look different and stunning from others. This type of band style bracelet mehndi design is the perfect choice as it gives a new look to the hands.

7. Latest Bracelet Mehndi Design:

Latest Bracelet Mehndi Design

As this extraordinary and exemplarily bracelet mehndi design which adds more charms and great looks to your persona. The motifs designed on the wrist are in a diagonal way and would looks stunning when it completes on the wrist.

8. Cute Heart Shape Bracelet Design:

Who would not love heart to be designed? Here comes a very simple but sizzling bracelet design with a small cute double heart designed on the wrist with strings attached to it. A very lovely mehndi design which lends you a chic and romantic look.

9. Floral Pattern Bracelet Mehndi Design:

The floral type mehndi design is one of the most splendid designs with big flowers motifs and leaves around it. This type of mehndi floral bracelets appears very stylish and charming and lends a breathtaking looks to every wrist.

10. Jewellery Style Bracelet Mehndi Design:

In earlier day bracelets was worn made of jewels, but now designers have designed mehndi bracelets which almost looks similar to jewels. This type of design looks adds traditional look and the eternal henna designs in tenses the look of the palm by many folds.

Mehndi is a type of temporary tattoo and goes off with the passage of time, yet because of its splendour and classy looks it’s appreciated and adorns worldwide. With bracelets mehndi designs many variations and style has evolved and now you can pick anyone from the platter and decorate your wrist with it. The bracelet mehndi can be applied on any occasion like wedding, parties and any auspicious moment without any hitch. It lends you a traditional yet with a touch of modernity in it.