Top 5 Laser Treatments For Pimples

One of the major problems of acne is the scars they leave behind. This can be even more of a problem if the acne is in the form of a rash. The scars then are just too many to remove. While there are many different methods of getting rid of scars, laser is a growing choice of most people because the solution is non-evasive and is a permanent solution. The flip side of these treatments is that they are expensive and could have severe side effects.

5 Laser Treatments for Pimples

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) lasers are the most popular of treatments. They are done in 4-6 sittings or10-15 sittings depending on the severity of the scars. The sessions take about 40mins. One side effect of this however is that it may cause redness that may last for a few weeks. Often, if the damage is on multiple layers of the skin, the treatment time and sittings increase. The number of sittings is determined between the doctor and patient. Depending on the color of the acne scar, the treatment is determined. If the scar is red, pulsed beams are used where as KTP or potassium Titanyl Phosphate too is used occasionally. In certain cases, both Q Switching and IPL are used. The usual treatments by this method are mentioned below.


Laser Treatments For Pimples:

Five top laser treatments for pimples are as follows us:

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  • Active Fx Laser Treatment for Pimples:This treatment is helpful for people who have problems that relate to the uppermost layer of the skin.
  • Deep Fx Laser Treatment for Pimples:This treatment works best for those dealing with excessive deep scarring.
  • Pixilation Laser Treatment for Pimples:This method uses small needle sized beams that are targeted at scar area. This will in no way damage the area around the scar.
  • Fraxel Laser Treatment for Pimples: This treatment is best for addressing pimples on the face because it is non-ablative. Instead, it generates heat that helps in building collagen.
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment For Pimples:This treatment uses high intensity beams to vaporize damaged tissue. The recovery from this treatment is anywhere between 6 and 15 days, depending on the intensity of the beams used.


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  • Do not undergo a laser treatment unless recommended by a doctor and/or skin specialist.
  • If done by practitioners who are not medical professionals, laser treatments can deem quite harmful. In many cases, these come in various levels of pulsations and therefore the wave lengths vary.
  • Using proper wave lengths is key to laser treatments. If not done with utmost care, it could lead to skin deformities and other severe damages to the epidermal cells.
  • Laser treatment often leaves the skin sore and sensitive for a few days. For this reason it is best if the patient uses sunscreen even when indoors.
  • Be aware that the level of treatment depends entirely on the type of skin damage.
  • Laser treatments can leave the skin temporarily swollen, and sore with a burning sensation. Extremely irritated or sensitive skin can develop dark or blotchy patches.
  • Laser treatments can cause cysts and other deformities as well as dilation of blood vessels

Pimples, pimple marks and scars are the bane of every youth’s life. There’s no way of running from them it’s just a baggage that comes with puberty. However, there are several options for helping remove these scars for good. Laser treatment is one proven method to address the problem of scarring. That said, it is imperative that the treatment be done by medical professionals alone lest it lead to complications, and even more severe skin conditions.

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