Top 8 Crown Braid Hairstyles

Since I was small, I have seen my grandmother tie her hair in that same old braid and then roll it into a bun and I have seen the same old braid get passed on from generations until it landed to me. Now the modern world has made a clone of every old trend and modified it to their best to suit the needs of the thirst to relive fashion. Braids over the years have gone through so many changes and yet one innovation after the other it has been a wonderful journey so far. Here is a list of all the beautiful crown braids that you can opt for.

Best Crown Braid Hairstyles:

The French Braid:


For the perfect summer this is a good enough hairstyle where you can use the summer as an excuse to tie a front French crown braid. The braid starts from one part of the head and slowly moves onto the other side. Once the other side is reached, pin the rest to the back of the head or continue from that.

The Greek Crowned Look:

crown braid2

A long mane of hair during the summer is hard to maintain and you want to satisfy your thirst for the latest happening trends. At times like this, these are the hairstyles that would help you quench your desire. Start by braiding the hair from the front and wrapping it from the front to the other side. Now take the hair from the back and do the same to form a full band.

The Front Braid Up Do:

crown braid3

This is an easy hairstyle that you can try from the very comforts of your home. Start by infusing a French styled braid on the front of the hair so that the front locks are swept up. Now tie a mean braid across the crown and pin it on the other end. Gather the rest of your hair and then tie it up in a messy up do.

The Simpleton:

crown braid4

This is the basic 101 to crown braids where the rest of the hair is kept free and flowing whereas the main concentration has been on the front braid that form on the crown. Segregate a good chunk of hair from one side and start braiding it normally. Once the braid is done simply wrap around the hair braid as a hair band.

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The Half Crown Braid:

crown braid5

To get this look start by segregating the front locks from the two sides. Start braiding one of the front locks in the normal braid style and secure it at the end. Do the same with the other side and go all the way to the end like last time. Now take the left braid and pull it all the way to the right and secure it with a pin. Do the same with the right one.

The Crown Knot:

crown braid6

This time start your braid from the very crown as before but instead of pinning it, tie a knot with it. For this you would require two separate braids on either side which you can now tie in a knot at the end of the head.

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The Low Braid:

crown braid7

Once again this braid goes all the way, 360 degree on the head and forms a full band. Start braiding your hair from the crown and complete the entire circle by picking up hair as you go along the lines. Once finished secure the look well with pins to avoid mishaps.

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The Halo Look:

crown braid8

Much like a halo this mid crown ring braid will definitely be a head turner look for you. This is a Dutch infused back braid which has started from the crown and ends being pinned up in a ring at the back.