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Top 8 Hairstyles For Medium Wavy Hair

Medium length hairstyles are extremely convenient as often, they don’t require the use of high-end heating tools or hair products and moreover, medium length hair is much more manageable than longer tresses. Here are some hairstyles which you could try out.

Popular Hairstyles For Medium Length Wavy Hair:

1. The Bob:Hairstyles for medium wavy hair 1

The Bob is a classic, suited to any orientation of hair. A Bob works brilliantly with medium length wavy hair, as it adds that extra bounce to it. And you know the rule of thumb for Bobs – Always use a round brush while blow drying.

2. Spirals:

Spirals Hair

The aim of Spirals is to make your hair look more voluminous, and it does so with such elegance. All you need to do is to hold the curling iron vertically instead of horizontally while wrapping the lower portions of your hair around it.

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3. Bohemian Braids:

Bohemian Braids Hair

Want to try something new this season? Why not go Bohemian? Straighten your hair in the beginning so that it’s easier to work with. Now, about two inches from the centre line of your head on one side, take two sizable strands of hair and keep picking up and twisting them in a braid till you reach the back of the head. Do the same on the other side. Now, join the two braids with a rubber band or a small clip and your look should be complete!

4. Loose Waves:

Loose Waves Hairstyle 4

Waves never have to be perfect and that’s what makes them so easy to pull off with aplomb! Split your hair into two sections. Tie the outer section up and begin curling your free tresses. After that’s done, untie your hair. Continue curling. The curls don’t have to be perfect – the more relaxed / messier, the better. Finish off with light hold hairspray and a bit of tousling.

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5. Textured:


Don’t be intimidated by the name of this hairdo. It’s really not that hard! Separate your hair out into relatively small sections and tie it all up. Now, untie each section and begin curling strands of hair from root to tip. If you know that your hair is resistant to a particular style, you may apply some styling mousse (very little) to each section as you untie them. Smoothen your curls out a little with a paddle brush and your textured waves should be complete!

6. Waves and Bangs:

Waves and Bangs

For this one, if your hair is naturally wavy, you won’t have to do much at all! Have your bangs cut long enough to cover your eyes and have them swept to one side. Use a curling iron to curl the lower portions of your hair and then finish off with some light hold hairspray and a round brush.

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7. The Poofy Ponytail:


Ponytails can be done in many ways, but this one’s a little special. Tie all your hair back into a ponytail to begin with. Now, separate your ponytail into sizable strands and curl each strand separately. Comb through the entire ponytail with a paddle brush to smoothen out the waves. As for your bangs, you can either have them the same length as the rest of your hair and tied back with the ponytail or for that extra ‘oomph’, you can have them long enough to cover your eyes, have them curled in strands, have every strand smoothened into single curves and swept to the sides.

8. Athenian Braids:

Athenian Braids

The method of creating Athenian Braids is very similar to that of the Bohemian Braids. First, straighten all your hair. Then, while twisting in a manner similar to the Bohemian Braids, take equal strands of hair from the sides and pass them through every alternate twist. Finally, tie the braids together at the back of the head. This style basically makes your hair look somewhat similar to the Temple of Athena, but in a much more regal way.

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