Top 8 Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs

A classic tattoo trend emerged from the biker gangs waltzing down the streets of America, in their all leather attire, beards and bike gloves, boots and chains, all the classic cliches. A part of the tattoo ideas that we see today has been encouraged by them, the classic anchors, the birds, the barbed wires and mostly the love of their life, their vehicles. Biker gangs are always sporting the king bike, Harley Davidson and to portray their infinite love for this vehicle many choose to tattoo the same on their skin. Now you don’t need to be a part of the biker gang to proclaim your love for a Harley, but people who opt for this tattoo idea usually is assumed to own one to their name. regardless of their ownership, if the tattoos displayed down feels right to you, never bother about spending your time thinking whether you should go get them or not. A classic Harley Davidson tattoo can never really go wrong.

harley davidson tattoo designs

Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs:

Here are the 8 best Harley Davidson tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. The Bike Itself:

Harley Davidson tattoo 1

Usually when we talk about Harley Davidson tattoos, we would usually expect a write up or their signature style. However, here we see the mighty bike itself posing on the forearm, making up a good design for a Harley Davidson fanatic. Sketched and shaded to perfection, this tattoo does look mighty awesome in the forearm. It is one of the best Harley Davidson tattoo designs for men.

2. Part By Part:

Harley Davidson tattoo 2

One of the best part about owning a Harley would mean revving up the engine and go pelting down the road with a loud roar lingering behind and all of this owes its existence to the powerful engine. This is probably why, in this tattoo he opted for the source of it, the Harley engine inked with the tag of Harley Davidson on it. This is one of the popular Harley Davidson tattoos for men.

3. Logo Reveal:

Harley Davidson tattoo 3

If you want to portray your love for Harley Davidson but don’t want to go extravagant, you can always opt for the logo which is usually plastered along with every Harley image. The mighty eagle, soaring up in the sky poses for the tattoo here with the Harley tag line etched in bold.

4. Plot Unfolds Harley Davidson Tattoos:

Harley Davidson tattoo 4

A memorable memory or just the everyday riding grounds, the biker here has etched down a detailed story of a man riding in his Harley as another on the horse compete with him. The backdrop resembles a soft mountain or rocky region or simply the desert, a perfect companion for the ride along’s.

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5. Ripped Through And Through:

Harley Davidson tattoo 5

In this picture, the tattoo follows one of the latest trend where the Harley Davidson logo peeks out from the ripped skin which now holds on to the last fibers before splicing the remnants as well. This would usually portray that the faith and devotion towards the vehicle possible depicting how Harley is integrated deep in his blood.

6. The Deadly Skull Harley Davidson Tattoos:

Harley Davidson tattoo 6

The forearms of your buffed arm will be the perfect spot for this genius of a tattoo ink. It starts with a classic skull backed by raging flames depicting danger and risk as the Harley logo with the words etched on it appears on the back, sturdy and powerful creating a danger filled impact.

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7. Just The Bare Minimum:

Harley Davidson tattoo 7

Even if you follow the Harley Tagline, “Live to Ride”, when it comes to tattooing your love permanently on your body you rather go for a small scale soft tattoo than a extravagant one. This is also a suitable tattoo for girls who adore the vehicle. The small blackened silhouette of the vehicle is backed by the etched words underneath. This is one of the Harley Davidson tattoo designs for women.

8. The Mighty Comparison Harley Davidson Tattoos:

Harley Davidson tattoo 8

Compared to the king of the birds, the majestic eagle, here is a classic rip through the skin tattoo design that shows a powerful clawing of the approaching eagle unveiling the Harley Davidson logo behind it. It is one of the popular Harley Davidson tattoos for girls.

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