Top 9 Trending and Classic Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

There was a time when women loved to have long hair and used to leave it untied as the pride of their beauty. But today, the style and fashion trend has changed a lot. These days, keeping a bob haircut if you have fine hair is one of the smartest choices since it is low in maintenance and high on styling. These bob hairstyles for fine hair are short to medium length haircut for women, in which the hair cut around the head till the chin. You can keep changing your bob cut style so that you are not bored with it. Changing the colour of your hair is also an alternative if you want to stick to this hairstyle yet look completely different. Inspired by many celebrities.

This haircut helps to create a new attitude look. Whether you have long, short or medium length hair, bob haircut will look good. Trending from the 2020’s many version and styles have come from bob haircuts. Who never wants to have a change in their look from the old school patterns of long hair? From the red carpets to a friend’s wedding ceremony, these haircuts have come so popularly among the ladies. Some extraordinary bob styles for fine hair are mentioned here.

9 Most Popular Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair in 2020:

Here are the present the list of the best 9 bob hairstyles for fine hair. These hairstyles are the most popular in 2020.

1. A-Line Bob:

A-Line Bob

This bob hairstyle for fine hair will offer volume to your hair whether you cut in a graduated or stacked manner. There will be short hair in the back and long hair in front making you look beautiful. This hairstyle can be done by anyone who has medium to fine hair and she will rock it.

  • Suitable hair type: Thin straight hair
  • Suitable face type: Diamond shape or heart-shaped face with a sharp chin
  • Best occasions: Hangouts, casual gatherings
  • Preferred age: Teens and young women
  • Best season to wear: Summer and fall
  • Suitable dress: Sleeveless dress and casual dress

2. The Curly Bob:

The Curly Bob

If, you are looking for a change from your regular bob cut you can easily give it a curly effect using a curling iron. Remember this will only suit women with fine hair because other your hair will blow out. This hairstyle is most suitable for oval shaped and heart shaped women.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy straight hair with curls on the ends
  • Suitable face type: Diamond shaped face
  • Best occasions: Interviews, corporate meetings,
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Suitable for all type of dress

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3. The Spiral Long Curls:

The Spiral Long Curls

Long curls can provide a lot of fullness to one’s hair is cut in a bob style and thus, is perfect for fine hair. All kinds of hair texture can support spiral hair and suits best in oval shaped face without any doubt. Whether you have black hair or blonde you can go for this style and look gorgeous.

  • Suitable hair type: Curly hair
  • Suitable face type: Heart shape, diamond shape or round face with a sharp chin
  • Best occasions: Music shows, award nights or any crowd gathering functions
  • Preferred age: Young women or teens
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Any western or casual dress

4. The Layered Bob:

The Layered Bob

Like the curls and waves, getting your bob hair cut styled in layers also gives a voluminous look that will make a lot of difference in your look. You can keep some long fringes in the front to make your face look slimmer. All face type women can wear this haircut provided you maintain it well on a regular basis.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight thick hair
  • Suitable face type: Round face or big square shape face
  • Best occasions: Award nights, Christian weddings, parties
  • Preferred age: Women of age group 25-40yrs
  • Best season to wear: All seasons especially summer
  • Suitable dress: Wide necked dress, gowns, long maxi dress

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5. Cropped Edge Bob Haircut:

Cropped Edge Bob Haircut

This hairstyle is quite classy because of fine layering of the front hair along with cropped edging behind. You can also add some highlights to add on the beauty of your haircut. This style is especially suitable for fine hair women who have round faces and prefer to look smart.

  • Suitable hair type: Thick straight hair with slight waves
  • Suitable face type: Oval shape, slim face
  • Best occasions: Suitable for all occasions
  • Preferred age: School/college going girls
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Casual wear, party wear or formal wear

6. Textured Bob:

Textured Bob

Too thin hair does not look good if not textured properly as per the face. A good bob haircut is the one that is cut bluntly but styled in a manner that offers a dissymmetrical edge and volume. The flowy hair will make you feel beautiful and make you the center of attraction in any party.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair
  • Suitable face type: Round face, diamond shaped face with V-shaped chin
  • Best occasions: Corporate meetings, formal gatherings and party
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to wear: Spring and winter
  • Suitable dress: Formal wear and party wear

7. Face Framing Bob:

Face Framing Bob

This is one of the best bob hairstyles for fine hair, and it is another suitable hairstyle for women with thin hair is tresses framing around the face. This looks better when you have jet black hair that is thin and soft. The hairdresser has to carefully cut the edge and produce perfect contour lines.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky straight hair
  • Suitable face type: Square or round face shape
  • Best occasions: Music nights, award nights or any other crowd gathering shows
  • Preferred age: Teens
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Frocks, sleeveless tops and jeans

8. One Length Bob with Long Bangs:

One Length Bob with Long Bangs

One length bob with long bangs is a different hairstyle where the length of the hair will be shorter in the back and longer towards the front. To give an extra look, side bangs are given. This helps to hide your large forehead and covers your face to give a round shape – a tricky approach to create a round-shaped face.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky smooth thick hair
  • Suitable face type: Any face, especially small, thin, oval face shapes
  • Best occasions: Special occasions like weddings, party
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Looks good on any western wear.

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9. Bright Blonde Bob Cut:

Bright Blonde Bob Cut

This is one of the most loved haircuts among young girls who have thin hair as this cut looks more voluminous when cutting with layers. With fine hair, this bright blonde bob cut looks just perfectly good on any face type. You can enhance the style by highlighting the strands. Or else, you can give suitable hair color.

  • Suitable hair type: fine straight hair
  • Suitable face type: Square shape face or rectangle face-shaped.
  • Best occasions: Suitable for any occasion
  • Preferred age: Teens and younger women
  • Best season to wear: Preferably summer
  • Suitable dress: Any casual dress that makes your style statement

Style tips on how to make the fine hair look thicker:

  1. While shampooing your hair, try using paraben-free shampoo so that your hair will have its natural texture restored.
  2. Blow drying your hair would be a good choice but not recommended for daily use. Try using them for occasions only.
  3. You can naturally make your bob cut look thicker by providing layers to it. Layering helps to create a voluminous look that makes your hair appear thicker. You can also give side bangs to make it look fuller.
  4. Always comb your hair with a round brush. Brush your hair downward and towards your face. This will give a C-shape look to your hair.
  5. You can highlight your strands to make it look thicker than it is.

So, now you have an idea of how to style your hair without cribbing about the fine hair that you possess. Each of these haircuts is suitable for particular face shape and hair type. Choose wisely and have cut. Results would be amazing if you consult a hairstylist before making a cut as for some hairs, highlighting them with colours will add more beauty. Try any one of these styles and you would surely enjoy the way you look.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How to naturally make hair look thicker?

Ans: You can apply oil on a regular basis to restore its natural hair follicles and nourish them. Best results can be seen when using coconut oil or Jamaican black castor oil as they have nutrients to stimulate hair growth and protect hair from damage and split ends.

Q2. Is curling a good option for bob cuts?

Ans: There are many bob hairstyles that suit well on curly hair. Many women use curlers to style their natural straight bob hair cut to make it look thicker. It is completely safe to use curlers to give a fuller appearance but try not using it regularly.

Q3. Can bob cut help in reducing hair loss?

Ans: Hair loss and haircuts are always interrelated to each other. Many of us go for a haircut when there is hair loss. To an extent, hair cut can reduce the hair loss issues. But for that, you need to start taking care of your newly cut hair from the roots. This can help your hair restore its texture and result in healthy hair growth.