Top 9 Unforgettable Memorial Tattoos

Mourning for a dead person is never easy. You want to keep him/her close. To do so, you may want to tattoo something that reminds you of him/her. Tattoos are personal choices. These special symbols that remind us of that special person are memorial tattoos. Memorial tattoos are demanded and famous in girls, those girls who are close to his parent or dear one.

Best and Stylish Memorial Tattoos:

There are many choices in memorial tattoo designs, here are few shown with pictures.

1. Family Memorial Tattoos:

Family Memorial Tattoos

Sometimes we lose our close family member to whom we were very close to, like Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Child and Husband. Dad memorial tattoos have child and father’s picture with important date. Such memory tattoos are very close to us. There are many tattoos in memory of mom as well.

2. Best Friend’s Memorial Tattoos:

Best friend’s Memorial Tattoos

A friend in need’s a friend indeed. Friends are the families we choose. We are closest to them. We try to remember them even when we are not together. Best friend’s memorial tattoos have names, dates or some saying. These tattoos are best memorial tattoos. It gives an emotional touch with our best friend, you can surprise to your friend after tattooing this style of tattoo.

3. Initials Memorial Tattoos:

Initials Memorial Tattoos

Initials are a short form of something. The initials memorial tattoo is symbolic to somebody’s name with the date. Sometimes the initials are with angel wings and cloud to signify death. These are small memory tattoos. This is suitable, if you are OK with small memorial tattoos.

4. Flock of Birds Memorial Tattoos:

Flock of birds Memorial Tattoos

Flock of birds are a symbol of freedom and freedom that we get after death. Flock of bird’s memory tattoos is meant to symbolize the achievement of freedom by a close person. They are mostly lean. They are perfect for the wrist.

5. Pet Memorial Tattoos:

Pet Memorial Tattoos

These tattoos are best in memory tattoos. When we are loneliest, our pet is closest to us. To keep them close, pet memorial tattoos come handy. They are normally detailed picture of their pet. It also has special memorial dates. Such tattoo mostly preferred by old persons or youngsters to remember their relationship with their pets.

6. Rose Memorial Tattoos:

Rose Memorial Tattoos

Rose memorial tattoos are symbols of someone who reminds you of rose. Often the stem of the rose has date or wordings. Theses rose tattoos with quotes are reminders of some close family member. Normally you can add a name to it and you can catch the attention of your dear one too.

7. Angel Memorial Tattoos:

Angel Memorial Tattoos

We often believe after death, we turn into angels and float over clouds. Often we symbolize this loss as an angel memorial tattoo on. They are often baby memorial tattoos. It is simple and has little coloured too. This tattoo is mostly perfect on sleeve.

8. Parent’s Memorial Tattoos:

Parent’s Memorial Tattoos

Since the time we are born, we have our parents loving and caring for us. Parent’s memorial tattoos are a way to show our love for them. A special message is written in this memorial tattoo. In this tattoo we can use lots of symbols like heart or star and flowers to express love in memory of  parents.

9. Death Memorial Tattoos:

Death Memorial Tattoos

Death is something we all will face, regardless of who we are. It is the truth we all have to deal with. In case of loss of someone, we make death memorial tattoos. This is made by symbols like heart beat, flower and dates. It is a very special way to remind us how much we remember him all the time.

A memorial tattoo is sweet of showing our love towards someone who is not near to us like Mom, Dad, bother, Sister and friends. It is not always meant to symbolize sadness. It shows how close we were. These tattoos are very close to you forever. When you want to choose the memorial tattoo that time take care of design which you prefer to dedicate your partner or dear one.