Top 9 Unusual & Realistic Pigment Tattoos

Usually, tattoo designers concentrate on less chemical inks and use the fewer available colours to make a perfect tattoo. This changed when the pigment inks were introduced. Pigment inks use mostly metals to form a certain colour and 2 or more pigments can be combined to form a different colour. Though it is chemically harming to the skin most people prefer this kind of tattoos as they give the most perfect 3D realistic look.

The pigment tattoos are made with special ink made from metal powder. Now they are available as organic pigment inks which are less harmful comparatively.

Simple and Stylish Pigment Tattoos:

Let’s find here with shown pigment tattoo designs which will give a tremendous look.
1. Comic Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Comic Pigment tattoo designs

The comic pigment tattoo designs concentrate on the cartoon characters and these are loved by teenagers, especially girls. These pigment inks give a look of real skin. These include child comic characters or anime designs of animals.

2. Realistic Pigment Tattoo Designs:

RealisticPigment Tattoo designs

The realistic Pigment tattoos are made with multi-colour. These color pigment tattoos give the most perfect look and these are made so careful to give an artistic look. These mostly use black and different shades of black to create a realistic 3D look tattoos.

3. Fires and Flames Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Fires and flamesPigment tattoodesigns

Fires and flames are Waverly tattoo pigments and are made with real flame affect. There are made with a simple design surrounded with flames and these flames are mostly made with multicolour pigments.

4. Body Parts Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Body parts Pigment tattoo designs

Some people colour their body parts with their skin colour pigment and mostly they use these as lip pigment tattoos. They colour their lips with preferred colours and these stay as permanent lip colours.

5. Floral Pigment Tattoos Designs:

FloralPigment Tattoosdesigns

The floral pigment tattoos are made with multi-colour and these are considered the ‘girly’ tattoos. The aim of these pigment floral tattoos is to use almost every colour available and make it more colourful.

6. Creative Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Creative Pigment tattoo designs

The creative pigment tattoos are mostly designed by the wearer to serve a purpose. These skin pigmentation tattoos have a unique meaning and they serve a special purpose. These tattoos are made mostly as multi-colour tattoos and are chosen carefully.

7. Nature Themed Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Nature themedPigment tattoo designs

The nature theme pigment tattoos depict the wearer’s love for nature and these are more realistic with the natural environment and any wild animal in it. These are mostly made of forest or rain images and are made more real.

8. Digi-Print Pigment Tattoo Designs:

Digi-Print Pigment tattoo designs

The Digi-Print pigment tattoos are similar to a digital print which uses digital pixels, circles, squares and other geometric shapes to form an image. These also use multicolour pigment inks. These designs use most of the geometric shapes as possible to form an image.

9. Personalized Pigment Tattoo Designs:

PersonalizedPigment tattoo designs

The Personalized Pigment tattoos are carefully made with a theme or portrait or concept depending upon the wearer. These might be portraits, quotes, themes, etc. These are mostly portraits of their favorite person, family, loved ones or even inspirations.

The pigment tattoos are the most loved patterns and these designs give the most majestic look and these are made as realistic tattoos. These pigment inks are the trending designs and are loved by youth. These are the favorite types when the wearer wants it more real and look ‘painless’ Try any design from this collection and impress your friends too. While inking make sure about your choice of tattoo pattern.

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