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Top Must-Haves in Your Makeup Bag

Top Must-Haves in Your Makeup Bag

We sometimes find it rather hard defining ‘makeup must-haves’. First of all, there are women who never use makeup. Then, there are those who only use minimal makeup or they apply it just occasionally. Finally, there is this special category of women addicted to makeup. Based on this, everyone seems to establish her own set of rules and essentials when it comes to makeup essentials. However, it’s up to you to decide to what extent makeup helps you define features and hide flaws, and most of all, if it makes you feel more confident and good about yourself.

Therefore, what are the top makeup must-haves in your bag? Necessary elements are those products that can easily go into your handbag. And by saying ‘handbag’ we don’t mean that extra-large tote you carry around all day long, but also your elegant evening bag. Quite challenging you say? Not at all! As long as you know your priorities, flaws and qualities and try to get rid of insecurities, you’ll certainly avoid becoming vulnerable to all those useless products. Top Must-Haves in Your Makeup Bag


The base is a crucial step in the entire makeup process. Yes, it is already known the fact that finding the perfect foundation is one tricky business. A good foundation will even out and give a natural-looking finish to your skin. Therefore, it is important to choose one that matches your skin tone perfectly and doesn’t change your natural coloring. Apply it vertically across your jawline and check the color in the daylight. The one that matches your neck is the best choice.


This wonder-product is a woman’s best friend when it comes to hiding dark circles, blemishes and different skin imperfections. A well-chosen concealer will give a great coverage, even better than foundation, especially the one with opaque and dry texture. Concealer should not be used on the entire face, but only on the areas that must be covered such as pimples, redness or spider veins. Still, pay attention when choosing the shade as it should match the skin. Use your fingertips or a small brush for applying concealer.


Powder is so helpful even when used alone as it can successfully replace a sheer foundation by evening out your skin. Choose a translucent powder with light texture for a fresh, natural look. Besides, this type of powder will keep foundation from running. On the other hand, for a rather opaque coverage go for a pressed powder and use it with foundation or alone. For oily skin, an iridescent powder can do the trick. Top Must-Haves in Your Makeup Bag

Eyeshadow palette

Now comes the fun and most colorful part in the whole makeup process. However, playing with eyeshadows can be quite risky. Even though this is one area which allows you to put your creativity to the test, the best thing you can do is to keep everything rather simple and stick to neutrals, especially if you want a subtle effect. Still, for a more alluring and mysterious look, you can try the smoky eye or the winged style. In order to save space purchase an eyeshadow palette.

Eyeliner and mascara

Whether you choose a liquid eyeliner or an eye pencil, remember to apply them as close as possible to the leashes. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, a white or beige eye pencil applied on the upper and lower inner rim works great. Mascara usually ends the makeup process. Start applying it at the base of the lash root, pressing against the lashes, and then move outward and upward, doing a zigzag motion.

Lipstick or lip gloss

First of all, make sure your lips are not chapped. In this sense you need a good lip balm to nourish and sooth them. Then, since the mouth is the most eye-catching part that draws all the attention, it is essential to select the right lipstick color. It’s true that among the array of different shades, our task looks more like a burden, yet with the right tricks you can enhance the beauty of your lips. If you have a pale skin complexion, nude, light pink, and beige are the most flattering options for you. If your skin is darker, you can dare almost anything. One useful tip to keep in mind is to apply powder over the top of the first coat of lipstick as this helps it to last longer. For a more natural, candy-like look, a lip gloss is both sexy and fresh.

Top Must-Haves in Your Makeup Bag

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