Top Plastic Surgery Disasters

Top Plastic Surgery Disasters

Most people think that plastic surgery is very beneficial as it can help make certain beneficial changes especially for people who suffer from certain birth defects and they are completely right, but it seems that plastic surgery can as well be too much if people abuse it. The top plastic surgery disasters show just how far people are willing to go to achieve a different look, a look which doesn’t always turn out as fabulous as one would picture.

We are all looking for perfection but there is no such thing when it comes to humanity. People are different and have flaws, this is a fact. Obviously, some people have a difficulty being satisfied with their appearance especially if they have certain “flaws” which affect their self esteem and this is when plastic surgery plays an important beneficial role if performed properly, but anything led to the extreme will not offer anyone beneficial results. Some people seem to get addicted or would do anything to change their appearance and you would be shocked to see how far some people are willing to go. For this we have put together a top of plastic surgery disasters, top which will most definitely shock you!

1.Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku, a South Korean woman managed to surprise everyone with her plastic surgery addiction once she injected cooking oil into her face. You can imagine the result: a swollen, disfigured and enlarged face. The woman first resorted to plastic surgery when she was 28 and over time had several procedures done. Her addiction to plastic surgery led physicians to refuse performing anymore operations on her due to the suspicion of a psychological addiction. Because she couldn’t get her operation done the woman injected cooking oil into her face. The result shocked people all over the world and several people donated money to enable her to have the substance removed surgically.

Top Plastic Surgery DisastersHang Mioku before/The SunTop Plastic Surgery DisastersHang Mioku after/The Sun

Top Plastic Surgery Disasters

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein (see photo left/PR Photos) managed to shock the world with her addiction to plastic surgery as over a period of 30 years she had spent about 4 million dollars on plastic surgery. It seems that her addiction came as she tried to enhance her beauty to win back her cheating husband. Jocelyn looked absolutely fabulous before she turned to plastic surgery and with time she started to look deformed and with an enlarged face. Definitely not the look you would expect!

3.Amanda Lepore

The famous transsexual seems to have had the first plastic surgery operation at the age of 15. The sex change operation was followed by many others until a dramatic result was obtained. Lip operations, nose jobs and cheek implants were only a few of the plastic surgery interventions suffered, interventions which completely transformed her look.

Top Plastic Surgery DisastersAmanda Lepore/PR PhotosTop Plastic Surgery DisastersJackie Stalone/Getty Images

Top Plastic Surgery Disasters

4.Jackie Stallone Jackie Stallone the mother of famous actor Silvester Stallone managed to capture attention due to her claims as well as plastic surgery interventions. It seems that Jacky wanted to try everything and that thing really showed on her facial features. Jackie’s appearance transformed greatly and the transformation was not a fortunate one.

5.Michaela Romanini The Italian socialite Michaela Romanini (see photo left) managed to surprise with her appearance as she looks awkward. Her collagen lips are absolutely artificial and stand out, making the result not very sexy.