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Top Professional Makeup Tips

Top Professional Makeup Tips

There’s always room for changes and improvement especially when it comes to your makeup rituals. In order to make sure you pick out the most flattering shades and formulas drop a glimpse at the hottest tricks offered by professional beauty gurus.

Master the art of handling brushes and applicators as well as make sure to limit yourself to high quality cosmetics. The following professional makeup tips are here to give a touch of refinement to your beauty routine.

Makeup Base

Gina Anderson is one of the most influential makeup artists from the world. She offers us her secret on how to build up the perfect makeup base. In order to emphasize your best assets, all you have to do is apply a concealer, foundation or powder of a shade lighter than your complexion tone to these spots. Use either a cosmetic sponge or your fingers to create a uniform effect. You can apply a highlighter to the jaw bone, the bridge of your nose or the apples of your cheeks.

Top Professional Makeup Tips


Choosing the right blush shade can be pretty challenging. However, if you’re ready to take your beauty skills to the next level, you should consider the tip given by Matin.

In order to pick the most flattering blush tone, press your forefinger and thumb together and notice the skin shade you get. In fact this will be the color of your cheeks when you ‘flush’. It is interesting and will definitely ease your job when trawling the market for the best blush colors.

Eyelash Curling

Scott Barnes works with the hottest celebrities from Hollywood and knows how to bring out the most of every face shape and eye color. This time, he’ll grant us with a trick on how to curl lashes more easily.

Scott takes the tip of an eyelash curler and rubs them between his fingers to make them a little warmer. This way lashes will curl without difficulties. Moreover, Scott advises us to look for curlers that have a round bumper instead of a square one.


Jillian Dempsey is a real guru in makeup industry and offers us a gorgeous trick on how to plump our lips with ease. She advises those who have small lips to avoid shades as brown or dark-red. These hues will only shrink the size of your lips rather than magnify them. Instead, all you need is a soft and flirty shimmering lip gloss in a muted tone. Apply the high street formulas on your perfectly exfoliated lips for ultimate success.


Gina Brooke is one of the most sought-after makeup artists working with celebs. This time she offers us a few tips on the technique of ‘foiling’ you can also use to emphasize your glimpse. This method of application allows you to dig out the most of the various eyeshadow tones. Use metallic or pale hues to define your eyes and boost the eye-popping effect of your eye makeup by wetting the brush before application. This is one of the tricks used by pro beauticians to get a more vibrant color payoff and create a mesmerizing visual effect. In order to guarantee the successful outcome of foiling, make sure you wait until the eyeshadow is completely dry, then you can move on to the next phase.

Top Professional Makeup Tips

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