Trendy Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas

Trendy Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas

Subtle elegance tinted with a flirty and blooming season vibe make up the perfect recipe to look stunning. If you’re one of the most ardent fans of the feminine and modern makeup styles it’s your lucky day to experiment with these cute and trendy celebrity inspired makeup ideas.

Choose the design that best suits your preferences as well as helps you bring out the most of your features and sex-appeal. Learn how to juggle with the art of shadows and shade combination and additionally make sure you also handle the brushes and applicators like a real pro. Draw some inspiration from the breathtaking looks of your favorite beauty icons and copycat their look sparing yourself from beauty blunders.

Trendy Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas

Grey Eye Shadow Makeup

Camilla Belle is one of the rising beauty icons who managed to win the heart of all style critics with her spotless look. Finding the most flattering shades as this one neutral grey eyeshadow requires indeed a beauty knowledge. Therefore steal the trick of Camilla and sport this cute makeup look for semi-formal as well as nighttime events. Use your skills to apply the different shades of grey to your lids and also crown the eye makeup with the must have mascara to bring out your luscious lashes. Complete the makeup with rosy lips.

Trendy Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas

Magenta Lips Makeup

Cassi Thomson as one of the most beloved teen actresses knows how to increase the number of her loyal fans using the most flattering and coolest makeup styles. If you’re into the kissable lips trend use magenta as one of the statement shades of the moment. Tint your lips with this cute color and make sure you keep the focus on this delicate spot. Leave the eyes neutral or cover them with a light and ‘barely there’ makeup in order to enjoy the fab effect of a neat and polished look.Use lipstick or a refined lip gloss to achieve a similar visual effect.

Trendy Celebrity Inspired Makeup Ideas

Brown Smokey Eyes

Dianna Agron is the most promising beauty icon to follow. As her memorable and fabulous appearances show she is aware of her best assets and knows very well how to emphasize them. This brown smokey eyes makeup is perfect to bring out her natural eye color. Therefore if you consider sporting a similar look make sure you go for brown as one of the universally-flattering shades. Tint your lids with the many shades of brown and apply a nude lipstick or gloss to maintain the natural looking still eye-catching effect of your makeup.

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