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Urban Romantic Hair Styles

Urban Romantic Hair Styles

Regardless of preparing for a special event or celebrating the day with a cute look, urban romantic hair styles offer the opportunity to learn how to bring out the best of your feminine and dainty allure. These sensual looks make you feel confident and at the same time are perfect for those who keep elegance and class above all. Tying your strands into stylish updos or leaving them free on your shoulders are all voguish alternatives to make you queen of the day and the season. Eager to draw some inspiration from the most popular and easy-to-create hairdo ideas? Then make sure you spy on the alternatives below to have the perfect blueprint to copycat.

Urban Romantic Hair Styles Urban Romantic Hair Styles

Messy Updos

Professionals just can’t get enough of the endless hair styling techniques that allow them to perfect the messy updos. Being the star hair styles of the runway as well as red carpet events, these buns and tied updos offer an alluring and fairy-tale vibe to your appearance. Wedding, formal parties as well as a casual outing are the perfect occasions to live out your hair styling desires and pull off some of the most sensual designs.

Promote the trend by offering a real example worth following with your tresses. Leave your stands tousled and messy, this time skip the use of the comb or hair brush and let nature do its job when it comes to drying. Crown your do with additional hair accessories as barrettes or headbands. These also balance out the posh aura of your hair style making it more youthful and relaxed.

Urban Romantic Hair Styles Urban Romantic Hair Styles Urban Romantic Hair Styles Urban Romantic Hair Styles

Side-Swept Downods

Would you rather wear your locks free and without additional hair accessories or tied up? Then you will also be thrilled by the endless varieties of urban romantic side-swept downdos. These hair styles immediately grab the attention of your entourage due to their old-time and classy flair. All you have to do is offer the proper conditioning treatment for your strands in order to ad a natural shine and softness to the hair.

Indeed, curls also echo the vintage-allure of the past decades. Therefore, all you have to do is to use your curling or flat iron and create some loose or tight curls. These, when swept to the side, add volume and the proper dimension to your brand new and uber-romantic hairdo. Use mousse or other hair styling products to secure the necessary support for your hairdo as well as its long-lasting effect.


Similarly to the earlier mentioned down-dos, these romantic half-updos are sported by those who are keen to flaunt the cascading length of their locks. In this case, use a few pro hair pins or bobby pins and pin the voluminous strands to the side. The curly or wavy texture of the strands furnish your look with the desired classy flair.

One of the most sought-after hair styles of the Vintage era half-updos managed to charm millions due to the easy-to-handle quality and feminine sophistication. Keep the bangs tied down to the side or create a hump that adds some length to your face. Choose the best hair part that flatters your features, middle as well as side-parts look smashing when paired with a romantic half-updo.

Urban Romantic Hair Styles Urban Romantic Hair Styles

Braided Hair Styles

Are you looking for a more complex and challenging romantic hairdo? In this case braided hair styles can fulfill your wish to test your hair styling skills. The braiding techniques range from the simple and traditional French braid to the more complicated and high brow fishtail braids. These offer you the chance to show off your unique and versatile look regardless of the event you are invited to. Braided pigtails as well as side-braids conquered the runway and the prominent events, therefore you’ll have infinite examples to draw some inspiration from.

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