Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

Perfection is just a myth, while beauty and ugly are two relative terms. Still, most women want to be beautiful for themselves, rather than to impress people around them. In order to achieve this, they are ready to make different sacrifices. However, you just need a few basic tips and tricks in order to get a perfect makeup and a natural looking skin that can help you hide various skin problems, but also emphasize your biggest qualities.

A good concealer can make wonders. If you have to deal with reddish skin areas, you can easily cover them using the right concealer. Always choose one that has the same color as that of the foundation. Moreover, go for a creamy texture. After applying the base, use an under-eye concealer turning the brush in the center of the pimple. Tap with your fingers, until it blends and the color is even.

Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

Blemishes can sometimes be a real problem. Therefore, if you have over-pigmented areas, you should pay extra attention when applying foundation. One trick works great in this case. Warming the moisturizing cream into your hands before applying it will make it enter more rapidly into the skin. Moreover, the foundation you use will blend evenly, without accentuating the pores. If you face more severe blemishes, use creams specially created for this type of problem.

Natural is “in”, but pale is always “out”. As a pale skin means dull and ill, you should constantly make sure that your skin looks fresh and healthy. In order to achieve this, there is one little trick you can apply. Mix some foundation with an energizing serum. The active substances will help the skin to regenerate and regain the healthy, natural color even when using makeup. Start by mixing the two ingredients on your hand, then apply the mixture evenly using a special brush.

There are many women having to deal with a shiny face. If you want to camouflage this problem, use a big brush and apply a thin, light powder layer starting from the middle and going towards the exterior. You’ll notice the difference in an instant. Moreover, you’ll get a long-lasting makeup. If you have an oily skin, go for an oil-free foundation.

Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

An under-eye concealer is essential when having to fight the signs of one-too-many late nights. As camouflaging dark bags can be a real issue, make sure you invest in a great concealer. You can use it before or after applying foundation, as the effect is the same. Keep in mind that a concealer has to be with maximum one tone lighter than the makeup base. Always test it on the wrist before purchasing it. As the under-eye area is more sensitive, try to look for a concealer that contains vitamins A and E that not only covers imperfections, but it also cares for the skin.

Unwanted blood vessels on the face are found especially on the nostril base area, on the chin or on the jaw base. In order to hide them, pick a concealer with green hues, as red and green are complementary colors. This is a type of concealer that should always be applied before the foundation. Moreover, make sure you apply it perfectly as you don’t want green spots on the face. You can also use this concealer on reddish pimples or spots.

Using a rectangular sponge or a larger brush, apply the foundation first on the center of the face and only after towards the edges. Foundation should be applied carefully around the nose and eyes, without touching the eyelashes and eyebrows.

The right trick in the right area can do miracles. For example, a light booster applied under the eyes and along the cheekbones can totally make a difference. Moreover, a highlighting product applied on the eyelid, including on the inner corner of the eye and upwards at the eyebrow base, and towards the temples, can create an incredible effect. This type of products highlight the face and diffuse dark shadows.

Useful Makeup Tips and Tricks

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