Vajazzling – A New Beauty Trend

Vajazzling – A New Beauty Trend

Well if tattooing something “down there” didn’t shock you, neither will this: vajazzling- a new beauty trend which seems to be capturing everyone’s attention as it is definitely something new and which allows women to glam-up their private parts.

Vajazzling is a procedure through which your pubic are is decorated with crystals, to be more specific, swarovski crystals, which are glued on the skin after obviously getting a Brazilian wax.

A Brazilian wax will remove all your pubic hair, giving you a bare look, which can be a perfect area for decorating. The crystals come if a variety of designs so you can opt for vajazzle your private part with the design which you prefer such as butterflies, fairies, stars, you name it. Vajazzling – A New Beauty Trend

The procedure is not painful (except for the Brazilian waxing) the crystals will be applied on the pubic area, the part of the skin which doesn’t irritate as easy. The are of application is disinfected and the crystals are applied on the skin in the desired shape using a skin safe glue, which however will only give permanent results. A vajazzle only lasts between a couple of days and a week, the glue used allowing the crystals to be easily removable.

The vajazzling beauty trend is meant to help you decorate your body, to give it a little bit of spice, such as sexy underwear would do. The vajazzle will not be visible unless you want to show it and apply the crystals over the bikini line.

The tiny stones are becoming highly popular among women who want to give this a try or who want to surprise their partner so if you think of giving vajazzling a try ask at your cosmetic salon and prepare for a glittery beauty treatment!

Even celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Kardashians and Snooki gave vajazzling a try so go ahead and try it yourself but keep in mind that this doesn’t come cheap!

Vajazzling – A New Beauty TrendVarious vajazzling designs