Winter Short Hairstyles

Winter Short Hairstyles

New Short Haircuts for Winter

A new season, new trends and – of course – new hairstyles. Let’s demystify the new season’s tress trends! So what’s new and upcoming for winter season hairstyles?

“Short hair is the biggest trend of the new cold season” – many have said that short haircuts are both convent and empowering to women. Plus if you’re trying to look younger, short hairstyles will help you achieve your goal.

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Boy CutThe hairstyle accentuates the facial area by bringing out the eyes and lips and the front bangs are mixed to frame the face. This is a favorable alternative for those ladies who prefer volume and sexy texture.

Tip!Make sure that when choosing a shorter look your eyebrows are always shaped, since they will draw more attention than with longer hair.

Winter Short HairstylesWinter Short Hairstyles

Soft Wedge HaircutThis is a highly textured hairstyle for women who want to have fun. The hair has been cut using a razor technique, which will reduce bulk and make this style easy to maintain. It’s suitable for all face shapes and from thin to medium hair texture.

Short BobThis short cut can almost be labeled as a bob. The hair is framed around towards the chin and a lot of texture is formed throughout the hair. Some wispy bangs help provide a different attraction. Overall, this is a great short hair cut because it provides a little longer length with a great look.

Winter Short HairstylesWinter Short Hairstyles

Layered & RazoredThese fabulous and flexible short cuts suit all face shapes. The hair has been layered all over and razored at the ends for texture and a gorgeous messy effect. The bangs have been cut mid-length to change the geometry of the hairstyle and to draw attention to the eyes.

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