Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

The respected makeup brand Yves Saint Laurent is indeed a trademark for the high class beauty formulas that allow the mass to experiment with the latest color and style trends. Those who wish to cheer up their spring makeup routine will have the chance to choose from the stylish products lines up in the Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine spring 2020 makeup collection.

You’ll find bright colors that might not seem wearable and street chic appropriate at first sight, however the secret to success lies in your open-mindedness as well as makeup application skills that would help you rock the trend and highlight your unique and flattering features. These are some of the most impressive makeup products to consider in order to try out all the newest lip, eye and face makeup trends. As the name of the collection denotes the next spring we’ll have free hand to adopt a more Bohemian and revolutionary makeup tradition also mirrored on the runway.

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick & Pink Celebration Powder

The Rouge Pur Coutute lipstick collection designed by Lloyd Simmons as the creative artist behind the Boheme Libertine collection will also include no less than 8 shades of lipsticks offering the beauty-conscious mass the opportunity to match the best tone with a special skin tone and other features. Enjoy the youthful twist these stylish colors offer to your look and pamper your lips with the high tech formulas that not only tint but also moisturize the skin.

One of the most prominent and eye-popping elements of the complete Boheme Libertine collection is the highlighting powder named Pink Celebration. This fabulous product will help you rock the tinted cheek trend at its utmost beauty. Use your application skills and knowledge about the use of blush to embed the stylish shade into your overall look. Designers devoted the same attention to the product as well as packaging therefore enjoy the glam look of the latest YSL highlighting powder in its golden coated box.

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

YSL Golden Gloss, Solo Eye Shadow & Mascara

The collection also includes various lip makeup and eye makeup products that further polish our makeup knowledge and skills. Choose the vibrating shades if you are eager to stand out of from the crowd. Use your talent to match the different shades into a complete and upgraded look. Draw some inspiration from the runway if you are in need of inspiration.

The Gloss shades to choose from are:

Golden Isolence

Golden Obsession

When it comes of Eye Shadows the available colors are:

Gold Leaf

Topaz Blue

Additionally you can also savour the endless benefits and fabulous effect of the Mascara Singulier in Deep Plum.

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Spring 2020 Makeup

YSL Nail Polish and Blush

Stain your nails with these fabulous nail polish shades and enjoy the beauty of the fabulous candy tones to turn your manicure into a real jewelry of your overall spring look. Pair the right nail polish shades with your complexion shades and make sure you apply the varnish to a perfectly conditioned and spotless canvas.

The cream blush repertoire is also eye catching as these vibrating and girly shades might seem pretty challenging to embed into our casual look. However those who wish to experiment with the versatile looks celebs and runway models also popularize will have the opportunity to appeal to these chic creamy blush formulas. The stylish packaging as well as the amazing content all contribute to the popularity of these dapper makeup products.