10 Latest Pictures of Gwen Stefani without Makeup

10 Latest Pictures of Gwen Stefani without Makeup

If you do not know Gwen Stefani, you must not miss out on her multitalented nature of being in music, acting, beauty, and fashion industry. Her musical talent is well known all across the globe and cannot be underestimated even with fashion choices in the industry. But did you ever know the real face of Gwen Stefani without makeup?

While most of us have seen on screen performances of the icon, we hardly have ever noticed her real and natural look. The artists hardly get to come in public without their makeup on given their image and name. But here we could collect viral pictures of her natural looks right now. In case you are wondering what does Gwen Stefani look like without makeup, you must keep reading to get to know!

10 Beautiful Gwen Stefani without Makeup Photos:

Here are the unseen pics of Gwen Stefani no makeup that makes you feel wonderful.

1. Black On The Whitey:

Gwen Stefan without Makeup

In this picture, Gwen is rocking a black overcoat and a casual winter hat. Her blonde hair brightens her face and makes her look the best among all the women in that grocery store. It can be clearly said that Gwen does not need makeup to reveal her beauty. With that adorable face and tousled eyebrows, she looks stage ready. Gwen Stefani without makeup picture looks entirely natural and is clicked when she is in her candid moment. She looks so sweet in her looks.

2. In Adventure Walk:

Gwen Stefani no makeup look here is taken when the celebrity is out in an adventure. She looks cute and trendy in this. All we see here is she putting on some lip balm and mascara with a quite natural and real face. We love her look of this, looks like Gwen quite likes strolling outside in her free time.

3. Steal The Looks:

While getting out from a departmental store, Gwen Stefani was spotted wearing a black top with the messy hair. Gwen was wearing no makeup and still looked very fresh and happy. This American singer does not need makeup to stay happy. We are in love with this Gwen Stefani no lipstick pictures.

4. Totally Natural:

Gwen Stefani without makeup 4

This picture is about to shut all haters of Gwen Stefani forever. Here, she carries her toddler while heading to the gymnasium. With the grey top above the black t-shirt which is again further concealed with another cloth, she looks very adorable even with sans makeup. However, this picture came in with quite a shock to a lot of people given that we haven’t imagined Gwen Stefani without makeup to look in this way!

5. Running Wild:

Gwen Stefani was seen jogging on the streets of L.A wearing a white tank top. She looked a bit different with makeup free face than she actually looks on stage but still pretty impressive. Here, Gwen takes care of her health while the viewers break a sweat. And what is of utmost talk here is despite being in celebrity status, Gwen naturally does not bother to have her free time on streets! Quite impressive, is it!

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6. Let’s Be Casual:

In this picture, Gwen is sporting her long blonde hair which is one of the main features of Gwen Stefani’s all over beauty. The photographer doesn’t let these celebrities for a second as he clicks this picture of Gwen while she was coming out of her house. She carries the black jacket pretty well. This is one of the best photos of Gwen Stefani without makeup.

7. Perfect Comparison:

Gwen Stefani without makeup 7

Here is a picture of Gwen Stefani with and without makeup. She looks a lot different when she is just wearing a blue cap and no makeup but is still adequate for inspiring a lot of celebrities to say no to makeup before coming in front of the camera. This picture of Gwen in no makeup face is quite shocking at first as she looks very tired here as well.

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8. Before Touching The Kit:

Gwen Stefan without Makeup

Gwen Stefani posted this picture which displayed her face before doing her makeup. However, she just picked up the brush to define her eyebrows, which means she was wearing no makeup. This picture is the ideal proof of her natural beauty. This Gwen Stefani no makeup selfie is one of our favourites, it looks raw and natural.

9. Being Pregnant Is Cool:

Gwen Stefani without makeup 9

Gwen has this outstanding skin complexion which makes her look so lively and fresh in the sun. While waiting anxiously for her second child, she went for a little walk and got clicked. She was sporting a decent blacktop. How beautiful she is even in without makeup also. Also, her expression is our favourite, given her natural and chirpy looks.

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10. Cute Selfie:

Gwen Stefan without Makeup

Gwen Stefani, no makeup selfie here is among our favourite. This picture is taken by celebrity herself when she is relaxed on her bed. Looks like she is taking a day off and having her real cosy and relaxed time to herself. We love her expression in this picture too! She keeps on proving that age is just a number with her natural and glowing looks.

Additional Tips:

Despite her age and transformation, Gwen looks adorable in no makeup. Let us see some tips for better and natural face,

  1. Eat healthily, and diet well to look youthful and skin looks clear all the time naturally. This helps immensely for the skin to look radiant.
  2. Clean face as many times as possible in the day with plain water to flush out impurities and toxins
  3. Exfoliate skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. This helps face to look glowing and shiny always.
  4. Work out every day without fail. Having an active lifestyle helps and has a positive effect on skin too.

These pictures of Gwen Stefani without makeup are shocking to few and revealing to others. However, it is, one must appreciate the amount of care she takes for keeping her looks radiant despite age transformation. Let us know your comments here.

People Also Asked:

1. Who is Gwen Stefani makeup artist?

Gwen has her main artist, Gregory Arlt, with her in most of the events. While she has other makeup artists working around for her, she always loved Greg’s makeup. She believes in having minimal makeup with intense looks and bold lips.

2. What is Gwen Stefaniskin care?

Gwen believes in cleansing and moisturizing her face regularly. Further, she never skips using sun protectant while stepping out and when indoors as well. Her secret to best skin despite her age is having regular pampering of skin without fail.

3. What is the secret of Gwen Stefani fitness?

Gwen believes in working out regularly and in a hard way to keep herself fit. She is a fan of circuit training, high-intensity weight training, and cardio exercises.