10 Pictures of Cindy Crawford Without Makeup

Cynthia Ann Crawford better known by the name Cindy Crawford is one of the most well-known American models to ever come into the fashion and beauty industry. This 50year old women has made the cover pages like no other women ever did. She was one of the famous models of her time to come from America. She also took part on movies and did quite a decent job. Now she is retired and a spokesperson. Cindy is free from all that fuss and rush at the backstage and the makeup room and now she is quite relaxed and often flaunts her natural beauty. This article will be smash to those, who think Cindy is all about beauty and makeup. The top10 pictures of Cindy without makeup are as follows.

Cindy Crawford Without Makeup Pictures:

1. The no Makeup Bed Selfie:

Cindy Crawford without makeup

This picture of Cindy was taken while she was going to bed. She looks quite attractive even in that bed face posture. This woman has nothing to hide and can be said to be one of the most attractive women of her age. Cindy is without a doubt still beautiful and this is one of the best Cindy Crawford without makeup pictures.

2. LA Vibe:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 2

Cindy was snapped at LA, while she was sporting her totally makeup-free look. She was looking quite attractive and this picture can be said to be one of the finest without makeup pictures of Cindy, where she sports zero makeup on her face.

3. Carefree Like Cindy:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 3

This picture of Cindy reveals how carefree this woman can be with her facial appeal. She can rock the screen still, even when she sports no makeup. He natural beauty is all that she ever required to look attractive.

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4. Spreading Joyful Vibes:

Cindy Crawford leaving a Photo Studio

This picture of Cindy surely shows how awesome-looking this woman can be even when she walks the streets without wearing any makeup. Her beautiful physique combined with her beautiful smile is all that is ever required to make a woman look alluring to the extreme limit.

5. The 90’s Face:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 5

Cindy is a vintage for all the young women of this generation. She stayed beautiful by staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One cannot simply look beautiful without sporting any makeup on the face like Cindy does. She looks great from every angle.

6. The lying Selfie:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 6

These selfies always reveal the actual face of a woman. It shows the real face, when there is no makeup on it. Cindy is quite an inspiration for those women, who still think about makeup whenever they think about beauty.

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7. Snapped at Airport:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 7

Cindy was spotted at the airport flaunting her natural face, as always when she is not in front of camera for a photo shoot. This woman can look amazing in almost what she wears and that is a caliber a few have, one being Cindy.

8. Talk Talk:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 8

Cindy has aged after she has left her professional job of modeling. But her beauty still stays with her. She looks quite relaxed and does not really care about how she looks, when she goes out bare-faced. This woman is aware of her natural beauty and is confident about the fact that people will accept her this way only.

9. Flight Picture:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 9

This picture was taken at a flight. Cindy was sporting her totally alluring face as always and thus, this picture is one of the best Cindy Crawford no makeup pictures ever.

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10. The Beach Picture:

Cindy Crawford without makeup 10

This particular beach picture is a revealing fact about Cindy, which showcases her alluring naturally beautiful face.

This article brings you nothing but the top10 without makeup pictures of the amazing Cindy Crawford, as she sports her totally alluring face along with her great smile. All she needs to do is display her natural face and she will look amazing in that way only. Those puny beauty products cannot beautify the divine face enough.

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