50 Cent’s Connecticut House Broken Into

50 Cent’s Connecticut House Broken Into

It seems that no one is safe when it comes to burglary as 50 Cent’s house was broken into by two men right before Christmas. One would believe that the amazing 52 room mansion in Connecticut would have been fully secured but who knows, as the two men didn’t have to struggle their way into the mansion; it’s been reported the two suspects entered the mansion through an unlocked door. This should be a lesson for everyone to lock their doors even if inside the house as you see, if 50 Cent’s house got broken into, everyone’s house is vulnerable.

The police was informed by the security guards around 6 am, after spotting a suspicious car on the driveway of the superb mansion. The Police showed up for a check-up and stumbled on two surprises. The suspects were inside 50’s home and one of them was actually hiding in a closet having a bottle of whine which seems to have came from 50’s bar.

50 Cent’s Connecticut House Broken IntoSuspects Alexander Hernandez and Santos Padilla/Farmington Police Department

The police stated that the two suspects were also in possession of marijuana when they were apprehended. Now this was not a good day for the two suspects as they were arrested and held on a $50 000 bond.

It is absolutely amazing how easy it was for the two to break into the house, well, actually just walk into the house since the door was unlocked, but that doesn’t mean the two were not seriously breaking the law.

We hope this is a wake-up call for 50 Cent as well as everyone else to secure their home as no one wants to be in the situation of having their house broken into!

50 Cent’s Connecticut House Broken Into50 Cent’s mansion

Source: tmz.com