8 Pictures Of Adele Without Makeup

A veteran singer with a golden voice, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or rather going by the name Adele has often appeared in monochrome shades in album covers where she looked stunning in her beautiful self. Adele being on the heavier side has often in the past faced hindrance owing to her plus size but being an inspiration as ever, she has always pulled off her weight, loving her body and growing in to it, probably one of the reasons why we adore her oh so much. With the years of her fame hood growing, we have often photographed her on the streets, different from her cover photo looks but yet without professional set makeup, she managed to be the gorgeous self that she is.

1. The Bed Head Look:

adele without makeup

This is one of Adele’s classic bed head look where we can only assume that she has just rolled off her bed and still sporting a messy hairdo, Adele here was completely sans makeup. Looking simply stunning without professional deck up, Adele sure looks a bit different but can we really say she looks bad without makeup? The smoothness of her skin is only accentuated by her rosy pink lips.

2. Over Coffee:

adele without makeup2

This picture of Adele was shot in a café nearby where on a cold morning she was missing her turtleneck and this snuggled into the comforts of her woolen, wrapping herself tightly as she continues. She looks her as usual stunning self as she pulled her sleeves all the way to her palm and waved sweetly for the camera.

3. Cuteness Overloaded:

adele without makeup3

Yet another picture of Adele surfaced the internet where she was seemingly holding a placard with apologies scribbled on it while she looked apologetic and yet cute to the brim. Even though a little of her tiredness was prominent under her eyes, the skin was smooth as butter as she did up her hair with soft strawberry blond locks set to the side with her eyebrows well done up.

4. After a Busy Day:

adele without makeup4

Busying herself probably with a sound check for her upcoming album, Adele was pictured leaving the hustle on the cold day with a scarf wrapped around her while once again smiled sweetly for the pictures. She had her rosy glow prominent on her face that accentuated her fairly smooth skin. Packing up her purse in the side and her eyes lit up with sweetness she went about her day.

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5. The Birthday Girl:

adele without makeup5

This picture was shot on Adele’s 26th birthday when the birthday girl was seen holding up a thumbs up for her birthday photo without any makeup. Her hair was tied in a tight pony at the back while her tired days of working on her album and music was visible through the bags underneath her eyes. Even so, this picture of her is a true beauty unfolded with a cute widespread smile and big light eyes.

6. Date Night:

adele without makeup6

This was a picture snapped by one of the friends when she shared a good dinner or a probable meal with her close ones while having a hearty chat. This time Adele had her hair in a soft bun with the front lock styled in a back brush. Just like her hair, this beautiful woman sported flawless spot free skin that seemed smooth as milk and bright as a dawn.

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7. A Day Out:

adele without makeup7

Pretty in her blue full sleeve sweater, this woman had her hair tied at the back preferably in a low bun while Adele went about for the day looking her pretty self. Even though she did not sport even a sprinkle of makeup on her face, she looked her beautiful self.

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8. Konecki And Her:

adele without makeup8

This is yet another picture of the powerful Adele, this time smitten by love as she and her love went for a walk. Decked up in a pretty patterned top and propping on some shades, this beauty looked forever young and vivacious even without any makeup on herself.