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9 Unseen Pictures of Parineeti Chopra Without Makeup

Cousin of Priyanka Chopra, Parineeti Chopra is one of the many talented young actresses that the Hindi film industry has lots of expectation from. Born in Ambala on 1988, this 28-year-old youth actress did her education from Manchester Business School. Parineeti has won multiple awards including the Filmfare award for best debut actress. She comes from a respectable and wealthy family and without a doubt Parineeti has easy access to some of the best beauty products ever.

But this adorable young beauty likes to display her natural beauty through Instagram and Facebook posts whenever she gets a chance. Those who think that Parineeti is nothing more than just a plastic doll exploited with top-class beauty products, for them we have a list of the best makeup-free images of this young actress.

Beautiful Parineeti Chopra Without Makeup Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Parineeti Chopra without makeup.

1. A Close Comparison:

parineeti chopra without makeup

On the left is a picture of Parineeti without any makeup and on the right is a picture of her with makeup. Though she looks a bit tired on the left one but we all can still recognize her easily. At least she is not a plastic model.

2. Rocking The Streets:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 2

The hot and glamorous Parineeti Chopra was spotted rocking the streets of Mumbai. She was wearing a white top along with tight-fit blue jeans. She decided to go makeup-free that day and sport the casual Bombay-girl look. She barely requires any makeup product to hide her defects as she is flawless.

3. The Casual Vibe:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 3

It is evident that Parineeti has lost a considerable amount of weight recently. Here, she looks pretty enough to impress the surrounding folks. This all time smiling girl looks a bit tensed and worried about something in this picture as she displayed her makeup-free face and casual sense of clothing when off-screen.

4. At The Airport:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 4

Parineeti Chopra was spotted at the airport wearing casual clothes and sporting a makeup-less without any hesitation. Her weight loss didn’t affect her beauty at all. She still looks like that typical fun-loving Punjabi teenage girl.

5. So Simple Yet so Gorgeous:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 5

This picture of Parineeti Chopra shows how simple she likes to be when not shooting or working. Here, she displays her god-gifted natural beauty and the mascara-free smile. Those who her close enough should also have the knowledge about her humbling and down to earth personality.

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6. Smile For The Camera:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 6

You cannot like a few things about Parineeti, but one thing you cannot deny is that she has a joyful and lovely smile which comes from the heart. In this picture of her’s, Parineeti manages to smile for the camera even though she looks exhausted.

7. On Instagram:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 7

This picture was posted by Parineeti Copra on Instagram where she flaunted her makeup-free face. It seems as if she clicked this picture as soon as she woke up. She looks impressive enough to hit more than 1000 likes with the help of this post.

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8. Being Lazy:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 8

You should follow Parineeti Chopra on Instagram if you’re still thinking that she is just another plastic model. In this particular picture, she displays her no-makeup face with open hair, casual clothes and that perfect smile which is stuck to her face like forever.

9. Let’s go Crazy:

Parineeti Chopra without makeup 9

This is yet another makeup-free picture where Parineeti is seen clicking selfies with her brothers.

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