Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020

When looking for a few style updates or for ways to add original touches to our look, we invariably direct our attention towards some of the hottest celebrities of the moment for inspiration. Although we can find a great variety of celebrities that can offer a few useful style tips there’s nothing like taking style notes from the best.

Even though all of us have a personal favorite when it comes to style, it’s worth taking into account some of the views of experts in the matter. Here are a few celebrity fashion icons that have set the tone when it comes to creative outfit and refined style choices:

Zoe Saldana has really made quite an impression this year when it comes to fashion. People magazine has even called her The Red Carpet Queen, recognizing her exquisite tastes. It seems that the success of the movie Avatar has really been a wonderful opportunity for her to be recognized for her refined tastes as well as her when it fashion. The Oscars have undoubtedly allowed the audience to take a glimpse when it comes to how a little fantasy and a little courage when it comes to taking fashion risks can pay off. Since she believes that fashion is a form of art is no wonder that the talented actress pays a lot of attention to details and doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020Zoe Saldana/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde might have been a discrete presence this year but her impact is without a doubt a strong one. Declared the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2020 by PETA, she is a wonderful example for those who trying to green their lifestyle as well as to make cruelty free choices when it comes to fashion. Her wonderful and elegant choices demonstrate how sexiness and elegance can merge to create tasteful and modern outfits. The 26 year old actress is undoubtedly a fashion icon that has a had a great amount of positive influence this year.

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020Olivia Wilde/Getty Images

Rihanna, or the most daring diva as People magazine called her is famous for her unique sense of style as well as the bold and original style choices she makes. Known for her eclectic tastes as well as her desire to maintain a fresh and unique perspective when it comes to her appearance as well as personal sense of style Rihanna always ends up being on the spotlight as an example of how edgy choices can lead to a spectacular result every time if you have the right style perspective. With a modern urban style, Rihanna manages to preserve and intensify her fashion trendsetter popularity with each year that passes by.

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020Rihanna/Getty Images

Diane Kruger was nominated both by People magazine and Vanity Fair magazine as one of the best dressed female celebrities of 2020. The talented actress manages to demonstrate every single time that her former model experience has really helped her form a stellar signature style that allows her to create flawless formal or casual outfits that can mesmerize even the most reluctant fashion critic. Women of all ages can learn invaluable style lessons when it comes to creating a signature style as Chanel’s muse as her style is truly creative and original.

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020Diane Kruger/PR Photos

Carry Mulligan is not only a talent young actress but also one of the most influential style icons of the year according to Vanity Fair magazine. Whether she chose Lanvin, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon, Prada, Vionnet or Bottega Veneta, her red carpet style choices have never gone unnoticed being always memorable and extremely well chosen. The beautiful, young British actress makes is even considered the Audrey Hepburn of our time, an additional reason for this flattering nomination.

Best Dressed Celebrities in 2020Carey Mulligan/PR Photos