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Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

Wearing colored contacts for a role or for a party is common among celebrities, but some take it further, either to correct their heterochromia (different colored eyes) or simply to enhance their natural color for a cooler look.

Learn why a few celebrities who wear contacts decided to change the natural color of their eyes, and which shade their prefer. From celebrities with heterochromia to stars who simply want cool blue eyes, here are some of the biggest contact lenses wearers in Hollywood.

Kate Bosworth

With one dark brown eye and one light blue eye, Kate Bosworth is used to wearing contacts regularly, but for “Superman Returns”, the director was more into her natural look and asked her not to wear contacts while shooting. 

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

Bryan Singer “wanted to keep them the way they are. So now the Lois Lane dolls have different colored eyes,” she told People magazine.

Tyra Banks

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

Many celebrities who wear contacts simply want just a little shade enhancement. Known for her “smize”, Tyra Banks uses her eyes to express herself a lot during photoshoots, so she also opted for a small change in color. While her natural color is a natural hazel, the model and TV host prefers to wear contacts that highlight the green hues in her eyes.

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Paris Hilton

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

The heiress, actress and musician has naturally brown eyes, but she usually covers it up with either blue or even light gray contact lenses. In fact, Paris Hilton has been wearing them for so long, that even many of her fans just assume her natural eye color is a blue that perfectly matches her died blond hair.

Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

A lot of celebrities who wear contacts decide to make the switch after going for a light shade of hair. Aniston is a natural brunette with brown eyes, but she’s also changed her eye color when going for a lighter hair color. The actress has been spotted wearing both blue and green contact lenses that complete her look.

Henry Cavill

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

“Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill suffers from the same condition as Kate Bosworth. His heterochromia is even more noticeable, since just part of his left eye has brown coloring, with everything else being naturally blue. Cavill wears contacts for many of his roles, covering up the small brown part in order to get the full gorgeous shade of blue.

Ivanka Trump

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

Donald Trump’s daughter is also one of the celebrities who wear contacts a lot. Ivanka has made appearances on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and has her own jewelry line, but her very dark eyes don’t really match her blond hair. That’s why she often wears lighter colored contacts, including beautiful shades of honey.

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Josh Henderson

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

“Dallas” actor Josh Henderson has heterochromia: his left eye is green, while his right eye is blue. The sight in his left eye has been affected by the condition. Even when the hunky actor doesn’t wear a single colored contact to balance out his eyes, he has to wear a corrective one on his left eye in order to increase his vision.

Mila Kunis

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

One of the celebrities who wear contacts for medical reasons, Mila Kunis actually had eye surgery in 2020 to fix a big problem in one of her eyes, through a surgically implanted lens. “I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2020, explaining that chronic iris inflammation led to cataracts and decreased vision, but both problems were fixed through surgery.

Britney Spears

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

The Louisiana native was born with brown eyes, but she opted to disguise the real color many times over the years. She usually matches her lighter hair with either green or blue contacts. However, the singer doesn’t just wear cosmetic contact lenses, she also needs them to correct some issues which she used to wear glasses for.

Penelope Cruz

Celebrities Who Wear Contacts

The Spanish-born actress is an olive skinned beauty, but sometimes gets bored of the natural brown color of her eyes, so she’s one of the celebrities who wear contacts. While blue would look very striking on Penelope Cruz, the actress prefers green, which compliments both her skin and her hair much better than a light shade of blue.

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