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Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Whether it’s actually true or not, the public perception on the private lives of celebrities sometimes creates the homewrecker label, based on the fact that a new relationship started before the old one actually ended.

Check out a few stars who’ve been labeled as celebrity homewreckers and decide for yourself if they deserve to be called that or not. From homewreckers who quickly exited the situation they created to couples that are still together after leaving behind two rejected partners, here are the Hollywood homewreckers that get the most flack.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim’s relationship with NFL player Reggie Bush and Kanye’s relationship with model Amber Rose fell apart when the two decided they wanted to be together. 

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

“I want to thank her. Because if she was never a homewrecker, then I never would have met Wiz, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now,” Amber Rose told Star magazine, insisting that Kim reached out to Kanye and started the affair.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Another happy couple that’s been labeled as celebrity homewreckers, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian met and fell in love on the set of a Lifetime movie, while they were both married. They denied the affair at the time, but promptly divorced their spouses and got married in 2020. Cibrian’s ex wife Brandi Glanville (“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) still claims LeAnn is a homewrecker.

Russell Crowe

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

While women get labeled as homewreckers a lot more than men, Russel Crowe seems to deserve the title too. He met Meg Ryan while staring in the 2020 movie “Proof of Life” and rumors of an affair filled the tabloid. Ryan divorced Dennis Quaid after a 10 year marriage, but her relationship with the Australian actor only lasted for a few months.

Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

One of the most reviled celebrity homewreckers, Kristen Stewart publicly apologized for her affair with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Graves. The British director’s divorce was only finalized in 2020, but it was filed only months after the affair. Robert Pattinson forgave Stewart, but their relationship didn’t survive for more than a year.

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Ben Affleck

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

After meeting Jennifer Lopez in 2020 and working together on “Gigli”, Ben Affleck basically became a homewrecker himself. According to People magazine, JLo was introducing him as her boyfriend before she had even filed for divorce from her second husband, Cris Judd.

Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Few celebrity homewreckers were as crucified by the media as Angelina Jolie in one of the biggest celebrity cheating scandals. While Jennifer Aniston settled into the role of the victim, Angelina was accused of breaking up a 4 year marriage. However, most of the people who point the finger seem to forget that Pitt wanted children, while his wife did not.

Claire Danes

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Billy Crudup dumped Mary Louise Parker, his 7 month pregnant girlfriend of 8 years, in order to be with Claire Danes after falling in love with her on the set of “Stage Beauty”. After a 4 year relationship, Danes met Hugh Dancy, her current husband, and rumors say that she started dating him before officially breaking up with Crudup.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

Another couple of apparent celebrity homewreckers, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott both filed for divorce from their spouses. Spelling had only been married for 15 months, while McDermott divorce Mary Jo Eustace after 12 years.

Gerard Butler

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

According to Radar Online, Gerard Butler is also a homewrecker. The actor started an affair with an unnamed married woman, who filed for divorce before the actor broke up with her. The scandal erupted around the time that Butler was seeking treatment in rehab for a pain killer addiction, so maybe the Scottish actor wasn’t exactly his best self.

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Elizabeth Taylor

Celebrity Homewrecker Hall of Fame

One of the most famous celebrity homewreckers, Elizabeth Taylor was accused of stealing more than one husband. Eddie Fisher divorced her friend Debbie Reynolds in order to marry Taylor, and even her love story with Richard Burton started while she was still married to Eddie Fisher and the Welsh actor was still together with his wife of 14 years.

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