Cover Your Ears! Stars Who Can’t Really Sing

Cover Your Ears! Stars Who Can’t Really Sing

Ever since the invention of autotune, actual talent hasn’t been a requirement in order to have a successful career as a musician, and many celebrities have benefited from lots of vocal touch ups in the studio.

Some even try to sing without autotune, usually in musicals, with sad results. Check out a few of the stars who can’t sing and listen to their upsetting attempts to carry a tune. Whether it’s ego or simply a brand extension, these celebrities tried to get into music with varying degrees of success.

Jennifer Lopez

Dancers can have a successful career in music, as Madonna has already proved, but Jennifer Lopez never really had much singing talent. 

The actress has enjoyed a very successful musical career thanks to autotune, but she’s cleverly avoided live performances. In 2020, she was even involved in the Sony payola scandal, and having her label pay to get her songs on the radio certainly makes sense once you listen to her try to sing on key in the studio.

Paris Hilton

A lot of stars who can’t sing keep trying to find success in the charts, and Paris Hilton has rebranded herself as a DJ, while still trying to sing. Her heavily autotuned songs show she can’t really sing, but the heiress isn’t giving up on her musical ambitions.

Russell Crowe

Horribly miscast in “Les Miserables”, Russell Crowe had to sing live on set. While Hugh Jackman has Broadway experience, and Anne Hathaway used her acting talent in order to compensate for her limited vocal range, the Australian actor only managed to prove that he has no place in a musical.

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Kim Kardashian

While showing huge talent at marketing herself, Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the stars who can’t sing. That didn’t stop her from releasing a single in 2020, called “Jam (Turn It Up)”. In a savvy move, Kim promised to donate have of the proceeds from the single to a cancer foundation, ensuring that her attack on the critics’ ears was for a good cause.

Tom Cruise

Cruise has many talents, looking good, looking good while running, and even acting when paired with the right director. However, the Hollywood A-lister cannot sing, which is why his casting in the musical “Rock of Ages” was surprising. While the movie featured many other actors without a singing background, Cruise stood out as the worst singer.

Lindsay Lohan

Many stars who can’t sing release albums simply because that seems like the right career move. Lindsay Lohan put out two records, in 2020 and 2020, but has since put her singing ambitions on hold. The reason is probably that she doesn’t have that great of a singing voice, and struggles when trying to sing live.

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Pierce Brosnan

Another musical featuring many actors without a singing background, “Mamma Mia” unleashed the voices of Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and many more. While the infectious Abba tunes helped the cast pull off many performances, Pierce Brosnan clearly stood out as the worst singer, bringing bad karaoke to a whole new level.

Heidi Montag

Known best for “The Hills” and for undergoing ten cosmetic surgery procedures in a single day, Heidi Montag also tried to get her musical career started, with a 2020 album and three EPs. Unfortunately for the busty blonde, she’s definitely one of the stars who can’t sing, so her efforts to become a pop star fell on unsympathetic ears.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz’s most famous singing endeavor is from the 1997 rom-com “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, where she intentionally delivers one of the worst karaoke performances ever with “I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself”. The actress also sang that same year in “A Life Less Ordinary”. Her duet with Ewan McGregor showed that the actor can carry a tune, while she really can’t.

Helena Bohnam Carter

Tim Burton also thought that you can film a musical without any singing talent, and ended up proving that his longtime partner is one of the stars who can’t sing. While Johnny Depp struggled with singing in “Sweeney Todd”, Helena Bohnam Carter was truly disappointing in an iconic role first performed by Angela Lansbury. The fact that she can’t sing didn’t stop her from doing it again in “Les Miserables”.

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