Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Boyfriend

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Boyfriend

The news that Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes got engaged to boyfriend Sean Eldridge spread like wildfire after the couples public announcement made at a New York City reception. Sean Eldridge is the political director of Freedom to Mary campaign, so what better way to support this cause than through announcing that he and his boyfriend, the co-founder of the well known social network Facebook, Chris Hughes are engaged.

Freedom to Marry is an organization which is trying to break discrimination in marriage by supporting same-sex couples marriage. Gay marriage has been a sensitive and controversial subject for years and this non-profit organization is trying to put an end to gay discrimination.

The couple seems to be quite confident about their believes and decision as they’ve made everything public and spoke quite liberally about everything concerning the matter. Sean Eldridge told the guests present at the support for Freedom to Marry reception that:

“This is very timely for Chris and I to have you here tonight to celebrate marriage and work on marriage. We got engaged two weeks ago, so there is a real sense of urgency.”

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Boyfriend Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Engaged to Boyfriend

It seems that the couple has not yet set a date for their marriage but plan to go through with it in the next couple of years. The couple would love to get married in New York, but unfortunately NY does not legalize gay marriages.

To make their dream come true the couple will have to fight the system and hopefully they will break a boundary which has been set since ancient times. This will not be an easy journey but with so many people supporting this cause they might have a base for success. Other states have legalized gay marriage so taking the big step will not be impossible for the two. Eldridge stated that:

“As you know, we can’t get married in New York, so there is more of an urgency to approve gay marriage, so we can get married here. We’re going to get married in the next year or two for sure. We’re hoping as soon as possible.”

Well, all we have to say is Congratulations! We hope their dream comes through and everything works out for the best.

What is your opinion concerning gay marriage? Do you agree with the Freedom to Marry campaign?

Photos courtesy of Facebook